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  1. Okay here's the deal. I have a laundry room that I use for growing but I need some expert advice on what to do for ventilation and or co22. I'll say right off that I'd rather mot use co2 because I don't want to spend the money on it but I would if I thought it would really really help. From what I understand, if I have a good ventilation setup, I don't need co2 that bad. Conversely, if I have a co2 tank setup, I don't really need great ventilation. So let's try to stick to the former anyhow. I have a 4” vent hole where the dryer hook up would be. I can use that for intake, be it passive or active, or I can use it as an exhaust but then I wouldn't really have a place for an active intake. However, I take it that if I did use it as an active exhaust, a vacuum would be created that would be drawing in fresh air from places where the room is not sealed properly. I probably have, cumulatively, 30-40 square inches of places where air could be drawn in from the basement air. Also, I could, if needed, drill some holes in the ceiling and exhaust into the attic so that the heat can be removed from the top of the room as opposed to 18 inches from the floor where the dryer vent is. This room is at the edge of the house and the nights and days can get down into the low teens at the very very worst though usually it's between 25-55 outside in the winter. I can add heat as needed at night but I'm afraid that if I use an active intake during the day, I will be bringing in too much cold air. I am willing to get a controller for that issue. I just want some opinions on what to do with this room. Money is not so much the problem as is my inability to come up with the most effective solutions. Thanks in advance for any input. I've been racking my brain over this for a while and I'm not getting anywhere. I need you guys (or girls…)!!!!
  2. So from reading some more I think I can get away with passive intake so I have a new question. If I was to use air cooled hood and used it for my exhaust too. Is there any way that I could, using ducting, go from the light about 3 foot, then 90 degrees down for three feet and then out through the dryer vent, or would that be way too much effort for the fan? Perhaps I could get a fan with a lot more dfm capability than I would otherwise need?
  3. Maybe LAKush could answer. OK bad joke. Need to know how many watts of lights. My first thought was to run a hose from the end of your light hood up to the ceiling to pull the hot air off. Just mount the fan up there. Blow air through the hood and down your turns and bends. Up size the pipe and reduce down at the 4 inch penatration in the wall. I love that word. "penatration". Depending on wattage that should do the trip. You can also run a scrubber before the fan.:hello: Besure to upsize one size on the scubber too. :D

  4. Well I'm a bit confused as to what you say. I am hoping to not need to cut holes in the cieling and therefore I would vent from the hood, through a carbon filter, down a coupl efeet and onto the outside world. What's the purpose of using six inch ducting if the fan is 4"? I could gt a 6" fan and hood but I would still have to go to 4" at the dryer vent. My light is a 600 watt by the way and the room is about 6'x7'x7'. Thanks for any input. I still don't have a solution.....
  5. I'm not suggesting you put a hole in the ceiling. Just pull the air from as high as possible. Heat rises and you want to remove the heat above the hood. Actually you can hang the carbon scrubber then hang the fan next to it. Sucking through the scrubber and blowing through the hood and out the 4 inch hole in the wall. The bigger the pipe the less the resistance. Chance are with that grow space you might add an addtional light down the road also. To give you an idea I run an ocho xxxl hood with a 8 inch duct just to move more air in my room and keep the glass cool. I actually have the plants bend off the glass and don't burn. I hope this helps.
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