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  1. So, "practicing" on another bagseed to get more familiar with the whole growing process so I catch problems early with my autos when they're deeper in their life!

    Here's my situation:

    Grow tent in my apt room. Apt is set at 72F, tent is reading 77F with a fan circulating room air into bottom of tent with vent opened at top. (Can't afford decent vent system yet)

    Coco coir / perlite
    CalMag + GH flora series 1:2:2:2 in my nutes
    Want to say I water/feed it daily.
    ((pH tester was back ordered so waiting on that to return)

    Topped it on august 1st

    4 CFL Lights currently at 14 on 10 off
    (Wanted to switch over to 12:12 for flowering, recommend?)

    --could anyone diagnose what's going on with the drooping? If I had to guess (blindly, of course **rookie**) I'd say either too much water or too hot in the tent?

    Any help is greatly appreciated so I can learn for my autos! [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

    Don't forget to bring a towel!
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    I am assuming these bag seed are photo period seeds? I would start with more light or longer light cycles 18-6 minimum in veg.. If you are watering every day stop! You need to let your roots breath by allowing the soil time to dry. Your plants appear to be close to running out of room for its root system as well so a transplant should happen soon.
  3. Yea it was on 24:0 for 4 weeks. I'm trying to get into flowering as quickly as possible (because idk the gender and if males all look similar, this plant looks like my last one. So I want to try to avoid wasting soo much time on it to be a male again.)

    The yield on this isn't important to me right off the bat. If it is a female I just want to make it to harvesting so I have an idea what that's like before the autos get there.

    Would you say it's just not getting enough light?

    Don't forget to bring a towel!
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  4. if your trying to sex then switch your lights to 12 on-off for a week.. I would say more then likely its got to do with pot size strangling its roots...the daily watering may be an issue if its drowning but if its using the water daily then try going bigger and then adjust your feed water
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  5. Thanks man, definitely been searching frequently for coco coir but it seems walmart, target, and Home Depot stopped carrying it. Going to try this hydro store tomorrow and see if they carry it.
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  6. I dont know if you have a lowes near by but they carry more horticulture supplies then the other two you mentioned in my area..also im not sure on coco as i grow in soil, but i know they carry other inert grow mediums
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  7. Good idea. Forgot about lowes. I'm sure there's one somewhere near me lol yea I was originally in miracle grow my first grow and it had too much nutrients so a guy told me to try coco coir with nutrients so I can control how much it has and I've liked it ever since. Granted, I doubt a newbie should be using coco without knowledge. But I'm a quick learner and have been doing pretty well, in my opinion
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  8. I thought about going coco or maybe even a promix HP on my next grow, but at this point I'm trying to recycle soil and see what I can do with that. I generally like to read what everybody has to say and then establish my own agenda and see what actually happens. If I fail and they were right then so be it, but so far with the Autoflower cannabis plants I have seen little to no deviation between photos as far as training and such goes. In fact most of mine enjoyed high-stress training of some sort including defoliation and super cropping. I also saved my stunted cannabis autos from dying by transplanting do to root binding issues on my first grow and still achieved almost 2 oz per plant. I have gone from going one and a half ounce plans to almost four plus ounce plants in the Autoflower strain by experimentation.

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