HELP me with my grow box please!

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  1. im new to growing the only info i have is from hours of scouring the internet and talking to people who have done it before . i have a wooden cabinet type thing its about 3 and a half feet tall and has a drawer on the top then it has two doors that close off the rest of the open area it goes about a foot and a few inches back and it is two something odd feet i was going to fit a couple of bins i have in there and poke a few holes in the bottom set them on trays put soil in etc have an intake and exhaust computer fan on one side and maybe a few car air fresheners around it or if any one knows something that will work better? rap inside in tinfoil and make it light proof. when it comes to lights i pretty much need to use cfls our bill is expensive as it and wire it to timers. but i dont know which lights to buy or how many how long to run them ,do i need different bulbs and different amounts for the vegging and flowering stage and how to position them. can anyone please help?????????????:confused::confused::confused::confused::confused::smoking: and please keep it on the cheap !@!!@@!!!!!
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    1st - that was hard to read. Take a breath, compose sentences, use spacing, etc. It just makes it easier and you will get more replies.

    2nd - I dont know about car fresheners, there is a DIY carbon filter for computer fans around here somewhere, but you would probably need to combine that with some ona gel or something.

    3rd - dont use tin foil. it reflects heat. Get some mylar, white poly, or flat white paint.

    4th - For veg you want 6500k bulbs. They are sold as "daylight". You may have to look around. the kelvin temp (ie 6500k, 5000k, etc) is hard to find, its usually on the back of the package in small print.

    5th - for flower you will want to get 2700k bulbs, they are advertised as soft I think.

    Extra - I dont fully grasp what it looks like, but you want your exhaust at the top. If you have two fans make them both exhaust at the top and let the intake be passive (ie no fan) on the bottom.

    good luck. If you can snap a picture of that thing it would help people help you. And see how I broke this up into different points with spacing? I used numbers but thats just my style. :smoking: :wave:

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