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  1. hi i was just wondering what the best way to set up a room 20 ft long 7ft wide room i am wanting to use to floor of the room for the nutes and water to run fdown on into the res ? any one got any ideas on how to this and what size pump would be suitable to provide enought lift to provide plants (cley pebbles ) with nutes the plants would be in those square pots with the holes in the bottem what do you all think
  2. no relys no 1 helpin me
  3. This may not be much help but just do your homework bud. With that much room the possibilities are endless. Did you consider splitting the room into two, so you can have a separate veg. and bloom room? There are many store boughten systems to fit in there and if you plan to utilize the whole room off of one resivoir, then you may want separate pumps or think about an industrial pump to service them all.
    I encourage you to scour the net at all the setups that you can find and scout the stores to see what equipment out there may be what you can work with. I have used to order from the net. Also, Worm's Way is a good shop wherever the location. Helpful sales team inside to inform about what you may like to buy.
    Hope this helps a little
  4. i will be flowering from clone no veg i already have a sep clone mother room i was just wondering what size pump i would need to be able to feed my plants there would need to be 40 drip outlets over a 20ft aera
  5. i'm looking to do a drip system in my room also.. set up with timers so that they just turn on automatically and water then off, but i'm not sure what size nozzles to get and how long to water for/how often

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