Help me with bong choices please(:

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  1. hi im getting a new bong because unfortunatley i went to sell my last one, got set up an this time is round 2 lol an im gettin a new one now i found this one online but can yall give me some advice on it http
  2. Not worth sixty bucks.

    And if u got jumped already through craigslist, u really wanna try it again.?

    Go to a headshop or get a cheap bong here on the city
  3. "price flexible"

    haggle that shit
  4. Talk him down to 35 and get it.
  5. fuck them bitchs, pack heat and tell em wats up if they wanna jump you. Bong or they're lifes, if someone fucks with my bong(money) theyd better be ready..... but yea fuck shady craiglists unless ur some tweaker lookiing for a bong:confused::confused: ur lhs will have a peice like that...... head to the LHS and make homies with them and youll get hookups in the future, leading to a glass collection.:bongin::bongin:
  6. lol no i didnt get jumped from craigslist an the person is guna sell me that plus a gas mask for 50 should i do it?
  7. that and gasmask for 50 doesnt seem bad just dont get jumped again:p

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