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    Hello GC first post here but have been a lurker for yrs and yrs. I will be starting my first grow here shortly want to do things proper the first time through....I will be working with a tent as I have no real dedicated space atm. I have been kicking between two different setups here and can't seem to decide on which one to go with. I will be growing 3 plants in soil and possibly expanding slightly after my first full go.

    Here is the setup I have been kicking around pls help:

    -4x4x7 tent
    -Lumatek 600w e-ballast
    -6"Blockbuster air hood
    -600w MH/HPS (Veg/Flow)
    -6" hydrofarm 400 cfm in-line
    -6"x16" phresh filter 400cfm

    is that space too large for 3 plants?

    should I go with a 3x3x6.5 tent and keep the 600w or go to 400w?

    If I do go with a 3x3 should I keep the 6" fan or would it be overkill?

    Been kicking around a bunch of stuff to decide what would be best for the 3 plants.

    Any input would be awesome!! Thanks GC :smoking::smoking::smoking:
  2. The 4x4 tent setup is a good soundibg rig u could even do 4 in the sog or lst style or 2 scrogs amd just really fill that space the slightly smaller on do 3 max but just remember gallon for every month of growth and 1 plant per square ft
  3. Thanks for the input only concern is that with the 4x4 tent im not sure if the coverage with a 600 is ok for the space. I know you want at least 50w per sq ft but with the 4x4 its well under that mark with a 600 But I also know you want 100w per plant, with 3 plants thats 200w per plant which is more than enough?? What do you think?
  4. Either way the 600 will cover u if u go bigger area u just gotta scog it I would do but if ur concerned I would go smaller and take awesome care of them
  5. You're still getting 6k lumens per sq ft with the 600w in the 4x4, which is excellent. If you put a 400w in a 3x3 you'd be getting the same amount of lumens per sq ft.

    If you put a 600w in a 3x3 you'd be getting 10k lumens per sq ft.

    The buds directly under your light aren't affected by how wide or long your growspace is. They're still getting as much light as you could possibly give them. The only reason you should go with a 3x3 is if you don't have the space for a 4x4, in which case I'd still say go with the 600w + a/c hood.

    I'd suggest a 4x4 enclosure, 600w light, and a 3x3 scrog (your plants will still fill out the extra 6" on all sides). I'd also suggest a second vent fan for summertime, if temps get out of control. All in my opinion, of course.
  6. That is what I was leaning to as well I just wanted to make sure that my lumen per sq ft or watts per plant was acceptable sounds like I will be going with the 4x4 and scrog that sucker out I will post some pics of my setup as soon as it all comes thanks for the help!
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    is that space too large for 3 plants?. -No ,you can always scrog it to fill up the space.(why 3 plants? I would go with two(scrog) or four in 3x3xx6.)

    should I go with a 3x3x6.5 tent and keep the 600w or go to 400w? 3x3x6 is fine for 400 or 600W .600W probably going to be better -more light bigger plants. For 4x4x6.5 go with 600-1000W . Keep in mind that heat control is one of the important factors .

    If I do go with a 3x3 should I keep the 6" fan or would it be overkill?
    No it would be just perfect to cool your light ,If you talking about fan for ventilation just go with 4" .

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