Help me with a few light questions

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by HUBSonDUBS, Jun 13, 2006.

  1. So I have 2 plants flowering right now. One has been in flower about 3 more weeks more then the other one. Its got some decents nugs about 10 3inch long somewhat dense nugs on it and the cola is about 1 foot long but it still looks very airy and not nearly as dense as the other nugs on the plant, keep in mind this plant is over 4 foot tall. Now the lights that are on it is a 42 watt CFL with a dome on top of the plant and 2 4 foot 45 watt flourecent tube lights. My question is my other plant which is looking nicer has 3 42 watt CFLs on it and its only about 3 weeks but just has bud spots no real nugs yet, should i take a light from that one and put it onto my plant that only has a few weeks left in flowering to help dense up the cola.
  2. Sometimes nug density and when they get dense is determined by strain. You can try to get some more light on the one that is almost done. Being that your lights are not very powerful for such a tall plant I would say to get as much light on it as you can.

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