help me weed out some strains

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  1. ok i have 3 catagories i want to grow INDICA, SATIVA, and MIX.

    here are the strains i have narrowed it down too.
    for Sativa i have


    Blue Mystic

    Pineapple Punch

    Purple Bud

    Kali Mist

    those are all at least 90% sativa.

    here are my choices for indica

    Violator Kush


    Hash Passion

    and for the last category

    Original Flo


    NYC diesel

    Heavy Duty Fruity

    those are the choices i narrowed it down to, but it doesnt mean i wont look at other strains. If u have any other suggestions i would like to hear them plz. i have never grown any of these strains so i dont know what they are really like. i need to pick one out of each catagory to grow. so in the end i will have 3 strains growing. thanks for looking
  2. Sativa-Kali Mist or F13 Serious seeds / Dj Short
    Mix-White Russian or AK47 Serious seeds for both
    Indica-MK-Ultra THSeeds

    I dont know what your price range is but those all finish about the same time, easy to clone and are on the higher end of the spectrum.

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