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help me weed food

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by rockers123, Sep 19, 2009.

  1. well im new to this and i was just wondering if i could put it in like milk butter or whatever then just like shove the weed into a already made browney would it work or what?? thanks
  2. hahahahahahahhahahahahaha i love you dude

  3. hahaha ya i know i probally sound so fucking stupid so im guessing that question was a competefail
  4. :confused:speechless:confused:
  5. you need to cook it in butter, first decide how much u want to cook and find a good weed/butter ratio, just search google for recipes
  6. No lol.

    You gotta simmer the butter and marijuana together, then strain the liquid (butter with thc in it) then put it in the fridge to turn it into a solid piece, then cook the brownies with the butter.
  7. there are lots of ways to extract the thc. last time i made some weed food, it was chocolate pudding. i boiled the milk with the weed grinded up in it. simmer for like 10 minutes. then use a coffee filter to drank out the weed grinds from the milk and presto, mix it up with the stuff and there ya go. let it go cool in the fridge. i got super baked off that for like 4 or 5 hours it was redonkulous
  8. ha ya thats what i though i just wondered if there was a faster way to do it
  9. fastest way is to just make a firecracker. get ya a couple crackers, a lil peanut butter, sprinkle the ganja (.5-1g) and heat it up in the oven at like 275 or something. you will be stonedededed

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