Help me use my next few checks wisely! $400>$200>$1000>$????

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  1. Hey guys! I don't have any experience growing cannabis on my own, but I've helped a few friends out and have been scouring the forums. Of course, this is all nothing without practical knowledge, which is why I am posting here.
    My circumstance is a bit different than anything I can find here, so I figured by starting a thread I could really get some individualized advice:

    I have a series of checks coming in, but i just recently became legally able to grow, so i am dying to get started.
    On my next paycheck, I may have $400 to spend, maybe a little bit more, or a bit less, not entirely sure.
    I'm thinking I will get what I need for the vegetative state. I have another paycheck in a month, but a bigger check coming shortly thereafter.

    So I'm thinking, $400 for Vegetative state:
    400w kit w/ MH $150
    seeds $100-$120
    soil $50
    pots $20
    rockwool $15
    timer $10
    ph test kit disposable $15
    exhaust and intake fans - $30

    can you see off/wrong or anything else i will need here for the first 4 weeks? I figure all this should get me through, as for nutes, I think I'll try using 1/2 FFOF, 1/4 Happy Frog, 1/4 perlite, so hopefully i won't need notes for the first 4 weeks.

    My next check will be 4 weeks later, this will be a filler, until my tax return gets here, I want to spend maybe $200.

    Bigger pots - $20
    ducting 6" - $25
    3x3 tent = $100-130

    in another couple weeks, I will be getting another check for $1000.

    With this $1000, I will either get
    600w or 1000w cool tube reflector = ~$250?
    carbon filter and inline fan = $200
    4x4 tent = $120-180
    fox farm nutes = $100
    vortex fan = $200
    co2 = i need a bit of help here? I'm thinking i just need a canister and a regulator? not sure, i need to do more research into this.

    My ideal setup would be a
    3x3 Veg tent with a 600w MH
    4x4 Flower tent with a 400w MH and a 600w OR 1000w HPS.

    When the budget allows,
    digital Thermo/hygrometer, PH/EC/PPM meter
    possibly a heat/humidity/co2 control panel

    i currently have a space heater incase it gets cold, (warmer climates here.)

    Eventually I want to maybe include a few bubble buckets in with my organics to increase yield.
    What do you guys think. I'm mainly looking for anything you'd do differently or anything I'm missing.

    Thanks and happy tokin'!!

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