Help me unlock MY laptop ;)

Discussion in 'Silicon (v)Alley' started by T.H.C-ERRRDAY, Jul 31, 2011.

  1. So I've got this Acer laptop and i forgot the password to it. I cant do anything without administrator privileges(which prompts me to enter a password)

    How can i get back in this thing or is it just a waste of time?
    I tried using Ophcrack bootable usb.. but It requires you to run a command as an administrator and i cannot do that..

    any help is much appreciated :smoke:
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    Find something called mdart. It is Microsoft Disagnostic and Recovery Tools. It will allow you to unlock any windows local password. There is one disk that will work for Vista and 7, and one that works with XP. They are also really handy tools, because they boot as a live cd, and contain microsofts antivirus tools, load your network drivers, and will update your virus defs without your windows installation being loaded. A pc that is completely locked out due to viruses can be scanned and cleaned, allowing you to use your computer again. Like any antivirus, it isnt perfect and not always a complete solution, but an excellent tool.
  3. If you want everything gone .. i would suggest you reboot your laptop and i would recommend Windows 7 ! It's the best unless you would go Linux. Linux is great too .
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    Is it xp or vista?

    If xp there is a famous trick for it.

    while windows start up press f6 repeatedly until the safe mode appears.

    enter the windows in safe mode and viola hhahhaah you can go to user accounts and remove password without entering your old one ;)

    I really doubt it's xp you are using though.
  5. nope its windows 7 starter edition. i changed the password using hirens boot CD.

    How can i get the full version of windows 7 for free? what about linux? or can i just downgrade to xp? this windows 7 starter sucks my cock

  6. Yes, you can get windows 7 ultimate for free if you are resourceful but not legitimately.

    All version of linux are free, just download a live cd image, boot from cd and install.
  7. is linux better than this shitty version of windows 7? can you help me be resourceful? you can pm me to keep it on the down low
  8. Yea ubuntu will suit you better than w7 starter (unless you are familiar with Linux, in which case i'd suggest arch or even lfs if you're feeling adventurous). The full w7 is great, but its not free.

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