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  1. this new budget thing they passed

    so my understanding is that to fix our debt, we raised how much we are allowed to be in debt?

    and the cover story is that it is just temporary untill we pay off our bills by cutting things like healthcare.

    soooooooooo i think this make sense, we can lower our deficit by removing jobs that give taxpayers money to pay ta-

  2. Basically screwed around to postpone debt default. It's only a matter of time, hell project stargate is probably still sucking up your money.
  3. if only
  4. this guy talks about stargate and how he was used as some kind of sleeper cell. interesting to say the least. ‪Project Camelot interviews Aaron McCollum‬‏ - YouTube

  5. 350 billion in cuts to the pentagon from now till 2024

    about 27 billion in cuts to the pentagon per year

    from 2009 to 2010 the pentagon budget increased by 3%
    which is about 20.5 billion

    so its actually about 7 billion in cuts to the pentagon lol. except the pentagon budget will be about 20 billion more in 2012 so its actually about 13 billion increase...
  6. Well, here's the jist of it:
    Washington politics at its finest: Cut $2 trillion from federal spending over a decade in return for adding $2.4 trillion to the current $14.3 trillion debt this year.
    We are so fucked in this country........

  7. yep, thats the summery alrighty...

  8. We're fucked...that's all you need to know.

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