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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by theblazer, Jun 16, 2006.

  1. Ok everyone, this will be my second grow. First grow was with two rubbermaids stacked on top of each other with 6x25w cfls with bagseeds, fun grow but didn't put much effort into it and didn't get much more then 15g's dried.

    Now I'm ready to get serious, I already built a plywood box (4high, 3ft wide, 2 feet width). I'm gonna paint it white and put mylar on the inside, along with a floor vent on the back for intake, thinkin of a bathroom fan for the exhaust on the top. I also bought a 400w hps light and ballast with a sunmaster 400w MH conversion bulb. And as of now I am 7 days into waiting for my seeds from gypsy nirvana (feminized white widow and some shiva skunk).

    The area I live in get's temps from 70's-90's so I'm kinda nervous about though, wondering if the exhaust will help keep it cool enough?
    Also curious about how much I can grow in this area, thinkin 3 plants of each strain.
    For soil I was gonna go with 50%potting soil, 25% per, 25% verm, and gonna get the foxfarms 3 pack of nuts, sound good?

    Any ideas to get my box set up or for my soil and nuts are greatly appriciated!

    Here's some pics from my first grow

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  2. 1 foot higher would be good. 1 foot for medium, 3 feet for plants and 1 foot for light. I'm planning a 2x3x5 box myself with a conversion ballast and a air-cooled reflector also I was thinking I could fit 8 plants in there using the SCROG method. The white widow is probably gonna be a problem because their mostly sativa and like to grow tall, the shiva sounds like an indica strain but i'm not familiar.

    Is there anyone here that thinks they can ball park how much i will get per plant, i'm going to grow Afgani and purple which are pure indica and i'm thinking 2 ounces a plant is reasonable but I haven't grown this small before.

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  3. got my seeds today!
    Also got a pack of magic mystery mix 2, should be fun to try em out!
  4. White Widow is a sativa/indica hybrid that if anything may show more indica characteristics. It tends to grow to short-to-medium height indoors.
  5. Thats weird.... On the pack(greenhouse seeds) it says 70/30 for sativa, This other site says 60/40 for staiva and another that says it's indica dominent but has no ratios. I always wondered why my plants never looked as thick and compact. This was 4 1/2 years ago so I quess the gentics have changed a bit.

    Now Knowing this I guess white widow will be just fine but your probably still gonna need an extra 1 foot in height on the box.

    Any ideas on my yeild?
  6. So many seedbanks these days produce something they call White Widow -- and it seems about half of them claim theirs is the "original" -- that it's hard to tell what particular strain or pheno line you are getting. The main characteristic is the sugar-coated white buds.
  7. blazer that is my exact setup and its a good one. good luck with your grow, make a journal i will def. follow it until the end have fun :)
  8. no other help?
  9. My advice would be to construct a cool tube, it will lower temps a good 10'F. Also, maybe a strong 120mm fan would be better than a bathroom fan. At my local hydro store, they sell them for $20, they plug right into the wall, and they move a ton of air. I think ventilation should be your 1st concern. happy growin
  10. one of my biggest booyah, thanks for the help.
    So the 120mm fan do you mean a computer fan? If so it seems like a bathroom fan would work better wouldn't it? I looked on ebay and seen a 120mm computer fan with a plug in so maybe it is stronger then I though, didn't know you could get them like that.

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