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  1. So i need 2 strains to grow. preferably a sativa based one and indica based. I like fruity buds and purple buds but i will not sacrifice THC content for a purple strain. I have always been a customer of attitude and i like them but their selection is so cliched and they have no small breeders seeds. I like the smaller breeders because they have cooler strain names and for some reason i trust them more because they are a huge company like GHS. If you guys could pick 1 sativa and 1 indica that has medium+ yield and cool colors with fruity smells that will mess your brain up which would you pick from ethier drgreenthumb or hempdepot, price is not an issue. i come here asking you guys because i cannot find much information about the smaller companies like drgreenthumb and chimera and reeferman etc...
  2. Reserva Privada, resin seeds, dna genetics all have nice strains that not a lot of people grow on gc.

    Cali Connection is awesome. thcfarmer

    Seedbay - icmag server fund auctions have real nice strains.

    They're all expensive though, but you get what you pay for (most of the time).

    I'd do chemdog or a cross for sativa, then maybe an purple og for the more indica/purple you want.

    Chemdog will get you fucked.
  3. Also,

    Jack Frost is amazing from goldenseeds. Sativa dominant strain.
    A lot of peope over look this strain, but it'll take you to space.
  4. ive heard mixed reviews from highgrade. i heard they dont give you what you want.
  5. i have ordered from hgs 4 times they have always done me right i didnt grow them out but my buddy did really well with hgs ak47:confused:
  6. thats nice but i dont really count them as a small company, they are growing bigger and bigger each day. plus none of their strains really interest me that much.
    i just think things like this look better to me.
    this is Chernobyl from TGA seeds and it looks so good
    heres bubba kush from drgreenthumb, makes me drool
  7. how can you not count them as a small company????
    They are in no way big :confused:
  8. because when i knew nothing about growing the first seed website i was referred to and found and started looking at was them. now a year and a half later i find out about chimera and DJ short and TGA and drgreenthumb
  9. head over to and check out some of the breeders in my sig, you will not be dissappointed
  10. i talked to elite genetics and he reccomended for the sativa i get Chemdawg 1991

    it also has a high chance of being purple too and the potency he says it top 10 of 10.

    and for the indica i will be getting double dipped sour banana
    looks amazing

    so as soon as i get 120 bucks its going straight to him.

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