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  1. image.jpg Hey guys I'm new to growing cannibus seeds,
    I got these off seedsurpeme seedbank so there no bagseeds

    Once I opened the package I sat the seeds in water for 24 hours when I checked they both have sunked, but no taproot yet. I planted them in the soil and not to deep and covered them in suran wraps. Should I pop holes on top of wrap or leave it on there loosely.

    The led light above is a 300w 130watt actual power if that matters
  2. Get rid of the plastic wrap. Just keep surface of soil moist and not soaking wet. A spray bottle helps. Once it sprouts get your light on it.

    Keep things simple.

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  3. How do you germinate yours?
  4. Just would like to tell you my way.

    I soak in water for 24 hours and then if no taproot is showing I then place seeds in a zip lock bag with a wet paper towel on the inside. This allows you to see if the taproot has emerged. Once you can see taproot then plant in your medium of choice.

    Here is a picture to show you what I mean.
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  5. Well, I don't sprout too many cannabis seeds - I basically clone what/everything I need - but I do sprout loads of vegetable seeds and I'll tell you how I sprout seeds in general -

    Depending on the seed, as some seeds are sown in place and left there to grow, and others are started early and then transplanted - but it's all similar -

    I plant seeds in soil - no messing around like I see so many do - very simply I'll fill a cup (with drainage holes) halfway with soil, moisten the soil thoroughly and allow it to drain, make a small, very shallow hole, drop in a seed, cover it, moisten just a tad to seat the seed in place and walk away.

    Pretty simple, right?

    Keep it moist without disturbing things - a spray bottle helps with this. As soon as the young seedling pokes his/her head out get it under the lighting, and continue to keep *just moist*. Not wet, just barely moist.

    If the young seedling seems leggy at all, like so many often do, by only having filled the cup halfway you've still got room to add a get tablespoons of soil at a time to help support the stem.

    Viable seeds WILL grow. I never got the whole paper towel thing. Way too many steps for me.


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  6. What's your usual success rate
  7. I just put them in a cup of room temperature tap water till they sprout a little taproot and place in soil root down. Some seeds took me over 36-40 hours in the water. I have only germinated bout 10 seeds but 100% so far .

    Oh and keep the cup in dark cabinet.

    If I was going to change the way I did it , I would use Jerry's method. Easier the better imo

    Edit- I use tweezer to place in soil gently .
  8. I have just done those 6 in the picture above with 100% success. My previous batch I done around 24 seeds and only 2 did not germinate.
  9. Where you get the seeds makes a huge difference of success rates, I use the same method as kyli and from attitude I sprouted 4/5 but seeds from herbies headshop I am 2/10 with the same method.
  10. Wet paper towel between two plates is a good way. Or just stick 'em right into soil.
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  11. Wet paper towel between two plates is a good way. Or just stick 'em right into soil.
  12. I had a seed take 12 days to germinate once.
  13. the ones from herbies that failed sat in the paper towel so long that they turned to mush, maybe 3 weeks/25 days give or take.
  14. Standard

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