Help me sex my plant

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Medicinaluseonly911, Aug 10, 2019.

  1. Looks too early to tell... May be a couple pistils up top in the first pic but they may just be start of new growth. Pre flowers don't always show, so 'flipping' them into a 12/12 light schedule will be one way to tell, or you can take a cutting and put it in a glass of water and then into 12/12 lighting and that will tell you also.
  2. I actually just started it on 12/12 today it’s got 49 mins of light left then it’s getting the darkness I guess I should give it about a week or two to tell the sex further
  3. Damnit. Saw the title and was hoping for a more ADULT thread.
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  4. Who would stick WHAT, WHERE!?! LMAO
  5. Yup. If you flipped, it will be a few days before ball or pistils OR BOTH, show.. my fingers are crossed for you.
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  6. Really looks like a female plant if so I have some clones from it haha I have had shit luck with males lately
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  7. Depending on the size, clone it early as soon as you know, because it will have less of a stressful time re-veging out of flower.
  8. I already have clones of it rooting and I topped and fimed it over the last two weeks it’s looking really good and has grown super fast it’s from a random seed my buddy had don’t even know the strain just shooting for it
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  9. Very nice, it's good to be a bit ahead of the game . Good to know you've done your research . Happy growing mate!

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