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    okay I have finally succombed to my dreams and decided to start growing. I want to use my attic space which is about 4.5' at the tallest point. Because of the height constraint I was planning on doing a ScROG grow. It will be my first grow and because of this I dont want to invest in expensive lighting when I might be fuckin awful. So I am going to you CFL's in either tubes or just 75w spiral bulbs, daylight and warm color CFL's of course.


    It is about 4.5' tall at peak goes down to 0" as you see. The issue is, should I use multiple boxes with 1 or 2 plants in them and about 300-500 watts of CFL. Or should I bring in boards and finish a little room at the far end about 15 or 20 ft long? Problem with finishing a room is the opening to the door is about 2.75' x 2.25' I could saw all they plywood into sections that would fit through the door but it would just be a hassle. All input is great. thank you.
    I am not a dumbass and have above par carpentry skills. haha
  2. nice little space. i would just go ahead with the single large box for multiple plants with separate rooms for veg nd flower. you will want to do this eventually so why waste time doing the easy setup now...
    just be sure to seal it up tight. temp issues are common with attic grows, plus its easy fr bugs to get in, etc.
    looking forward to see what you come up with.
  3. Thanks for the feed back. I have 2 veg boxes set up and ready to run. I am starting the seeds germinating today and plan to have everything set up in the attic by the time they are ready for flowering. I decided not to put the veg boxes in the attic because I am very tall and it would be hard for me to get into the corner, where I would otherwise have them, and take care of them. As far as making a grow box/room I plan on insulating the walls and cieling for heat control, but would it be inappropriate for me to just do 1/2" plywood covered with mylar on the inside walls? Or do I need to fuss with bathroom drywall for the inside?
    Thank you,
  4. some pressure treated 1/2" ply should be more than sufficient. just make sure to cover the insides real well, as some toxic chems are used for treating the wood that will sweat out of it in high humidity. but as long as its covered up decently, it will be perfectly safe.
    just make sure to cut holes for your fans that will provide overkill air circulation. because it really reduces the cfms fans will push/pull when you cover both the intake and exhaust with carbon filters. (which i HIGHLY recommend) this will keep the air the plants get clean and keep that dust out, but also keep it from stinking up your whole upstairs.

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