Help me set up.

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  1. What is the best soil to use. give me some specs ive got a small plant about 5 inches but with only 2 sets of leaves.

    Also what type of light. i can only buy one as far as i know.
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    but ill be nice.

    CFL's, Cheap lighting, bes to go for stealth, and newbie grows.
    daylight cfls for veg. 6500k.
    cool white and warm cfls, (the regular) 2700k. for flower.
    go by CFL watts, not the incandesant equilalent.
    18/6 lights on/lights off. for vegging, 12/12 for flowering,

    Good organic soil. No no time release nutes or time release water stuff. No miracle grow. Just a nice organic potting soil.

    Nutes, anything with a high N value for vegging and for flower anything with high P and K.
  3. thank man. im headin to my local home depot now

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