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  1. Okay previously ive used vitalink A+B for veg with superthrive and some cal/mag. Building up to full strength over 3weeks.

    For Flowering ive used vitalink A+B for flowering with big bud for weeks 2,3,4 and then pk 13/14 for weeks 5/6.

    Followed by normal nutes and then a 7 day flush.

    I want to move a way from vitalink nutrient range and try Advanced nutrients PH Perfect Line up.

    My purchases so far have been: Advanced Nutrients Grow
    Advanced Nutrients Bloom
    Jungle Juice Micro Grow and Bloom
    Advanced Nutrients Carbo Load
    Advanced Nutrients Voodoo Juice
    Advanced Nutirents Bud Blood
    Advanced Nutrients big bud

    Tell you a little bit more about my setup.

    Going to have 3 mother plants in bubble buckets and hoping to take 12 clones off each of them when there 5 weeks old.

    The clones once rooted (should take me 6-9 days in my aero cloner) will be fed for a week with veg nutes 1/2 strength.

    Im hoping to get them transferred into my vertical drip system by the latest at 20 days old.

    Im not sure on my flowering schedule (which is where ill need most help) but i imagine it will go something like-

    Weeks 1 normal bloom nutes with jungle juice
    Weeks 2,3,4 normal nutes jungle juice and budblood + big bud
    Weeks 5,6 normal nutes jungle juice and carbo load
    Weeks 7 normal nutes with jungle juice
    Weeks 8 Flush plain r/o water

    Any recomendations to what ive got or to my schedules is welcomed :) ty for reading
  2. What medium are you using?

    I'm personally not one for additives. I find them to just be the basic NPK ratios sold and relabeled in a different bottle. The simple 2 or 3 part formulas (grow+ bloom or grow, bloom and micro) work just fine.

    I'd personally suggest running the simple formula and getting it perfect. Once you've perfected that formula, you can start adding in all your additives and see if you like them.
  3. Im using rock wool 4inch cubes into 4 inch net pots bit of hydroton on top for a bit of added support.

    i hear you on the additives thing, but ive read alot on AN perfect ph so im hoping there wont be alot to dial in and the additives will do there thing. My general things are quite good i.e temps, air flow etc.

    Hoping someone who has used the lineup will chime in :)
  4. You will find your plants will dictate what you can or cant do..not some calculator, not some chart. Start off with low ppm and each week increase it. Some will able to take max fast some hardly at all. Keep a journal for your plants and each weeks level.

    I use all Advanced Nutes but use soil...even there its not exact. I have to make 2 batches of nutes. Growing OG Kush #18. I have 2 that will take what I feed them and one that takes half that amount.

    Sorry cant be exact but you will never find that.
  5. yea i hear that brother. I experienced it first hand each plant will require things tweaked ever so slightly. So im not asking for you to tell me how much ml per liter to add to my solution i think its more the structure of my flowering schedule, the optimum times to introduce my additives.

    Ive done some reading on the Advanced Nutrients Webiste and ill be revising some of my schedule and post my edits

    Ty for your input though :)
  6. I'm unsure if trying all those additives for a first in one grow will be a great idea. I think it'll take a few grows of trying additives and seeing if it works. I feel like trying to use them all in one flowering period is rushing it.

    I think you may be happy with just running your basics! I haven't exactly ventured into additive land other than cal mag and stuff like that.
  7. I think you've got a misconception on the nutrients, I'll explain more in a second, but overall your selection is fine.

    I'd recommend going slightly lighter than that with newly-rooted clones. 1/4 strength is where I start them.

    It looks here like you're confused on how to use the Grow and Bloom. Unless you're talking about Sensi Grow and Sensi Bloom, which each come in an A and B formula, you're not doing it right.

    The Sensi nutes are a 2 part base nutrient, A & B, in a grow formula and a bloom formula. So for that you use the A & B in equal amounts.

    The "Advanced Nutrients Grow" and "Advanced Nutrients Bloom" are two parts of a THREE part nutrient that includes "Advanced Nutrients Micro". It's basically the full-quality version of the cheaper Jungle Juice Grow, Micro, and Bloom you also have. Jungle Juice doesn't have all the buffers, chelates, and so on that the other 3-part has.

    Furthermore, you use all three parts of the 3-part nutrients at all stages of plant growth. You use the bloom bottle in veg, and you use the grow bottle in bloom. It's the ratio that changes.

    So if I'm right and you've got the Grow and Bloom from the Grow/Micro/Bloom just set those on the shelf for when you run out of Jungle Juice. Buy the Micro that goes with them and just keep going from there. But don't use both base nutrient lines at the same time, you'll probably overfeed your plants and burn them if you do.

    Hope that helps.

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