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Help me seasoned tokers!

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Alphå, Apr 21, 2006.

  1. First off, I want to wish everyone a happy 420, and if you're dry,I would smoke you out but *I dont do drugs*? ;) ;) ;) :smoking::smoking::smoking: *wink*

    OKay.. SEcondly, I want to say sorry because i may not be legeble


    Can I put my weed in 83.3* lizard cage? Humidity is only 40%, so its like room humidity. I have a hollow tree I can stash in ;) ;)
  2. Oh yea man, sorry for the double post (too blazed to go back man.. gotta go forward)

    But, the daytime temp gets 115* on the hot side, and 86* on the cool side... ;) ;)

    Is that too hot? Will my lizards get *baked*?
  3. No, I know someone who did that and his lizard ate the plant man.
  4. i think for a lot of animals, cannabis is bad for them. why not hide it in a speaker case or something?

    [edit] ohhhhh like an actual plant? i dunno...
  5. No, not the plant, just some really really REALLY dankity dank dinko weed. It will be inside a ceramic tree, so the hole on teh bottom wont be exposed if its upright ;)
  6. i'm guessing it couldnt be too hot because THC doesnt burn at the temp, but try it with like 1-2 grams first and if it doesnt seem any different stick with it
  7. You must have a lot of bud if you need to stash it in a huge ass lizard cage and stuff it in some tree . . . I would figure out some other way of storing it man, possibly somewhere cool and dark and NOT outdoors.

    As long as you don't have a lizard living in the cage though, I suppose it is technically possible to do what you are saying, but I believe that the weed will spoil if not sealed properly (airtight, basically) and the fluctuating outdoor temperatures during the summer right now would severely degrade the quality of the bud also, despite it being in a fucking tree. Anyways, that's my two cents on the subject.
  8. umm yea, my iguana ate my stash, so i be careful about that.. get a box with lock or sumthin..
  9. Lizards love green plants and I have found from experience that lizards will always find a way.

  10. haha are you thinking he's stashing his lizard cage in his tree with the bud inside? He's just saying theres a fake tree in his lizard cage where there is a hidden spot to put weed:smoking:
  11. Haha, thats hilarious.

    I don't know, I personally wouldn't be comfortable leaving it in a heated enclosure, it would probably keep better in a cooler place, so I say you should just find somewhere else to keep it.
  12. i dunno, i wouldnt put my herb around any animal known to eat bud. why not just keep it in your computer tower case. thats what i do, and i havent found a better hiding spot.

    completely off-topic, but i came home from school today (SAC sucks) and found my visine siting on my computer desk. kinda obvious, since i dont wear contacts, but i dunno if my mom saw it. then again she probably knows i toke. i mean, im high right now and i just went in the living room to get my copy of austin powers, and i must smell like weed.

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