help me seasoned tokers!

Discussion in 'General' started by TheHerb, May 27, 2009.

  1. I dont usually get fires around here, but i picked up some mad purps today and packed myself a bowl at about 1 to take a few rips with my friends. after finishing the bowl we started to walk out of the park that we toked in. Ill also add that it was pretty hot out, and i hadnt eaten. As we started walking back my vision began to slowly fade and it freaked me out. Then my hearing went, and i was stuck completely blind and deaf. My heart started pounding and i began to profusely sweat while also turning extremely pale. Im wondering if this is "Greening out" and caused by the weed, or if theres something more to this, because i honestly felt as if i was near death.
  2. Sounds like an anxiety attack maybe?
  3. dude that sort of happened to me once.

    i picked up some purps and the night i first smoked it, i stood up and couldnt see anything for a while. but it went away after a few seconds. scary though :>
  4. mine lasted like 10 minutes im rpetty sure, definatly not a few seconds.
  5. yeah i remmeber mine was really quick because i was on the phone with my bf [who was sober] and he didn't notice i'd stopped talking for a long time or anything.
    i hadn't smoked much of it at all anyways.
  6. Anxiety attack, weed can bring these on if you're already nervous or worrying about something....possibly because you haven't eaten or you were dehydrated.
  7. dont think it was because i had no worries and was chillin with my betetr friends, plus ive smoked alot of weed and had thoguht tht i grown to control it.
  8. you feel like thiz?

  9. It happens. Just remember to keep breathing lol.

    Its just one of those things you have to ride out.

    Greening out, or having those freakouts are just part of the toking life, its like a stoner milestone in a way.
  10. Exactly what i was thinking..
  11. Possibly winded and hyperventilating from smoking out then going out and hoofing it in the heat.

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