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Help me SCROG these SIX ladies

Discussion in 'Advanced Growing Techniques' started by Mr.Smith, Dec 18, 2003.

  1. I have SIX clones from a Mostly indica MOM

    I Would very much like to SCROG them and take advantage of this plants characteristics

    This is a SOIL grow

    I have a fairly good grasp on the Fundamentals of SCROG , but would like some specific feedback on how to do THESE plants .... the best way

    Clones are 4 weeks (since in put in soil) and vary from 10"-14" tall

    I will be using 'chicken' Wire for the screen and am using a 400 HPS

    I have Plenty of Room (Hight & Width)

    So, Do I just slam a Screen over them abo0t 12" high , and start tieing them down ?

    do I ignore the lower Growth completely and concentrate on the NEW Growth to come ???

    That is prolyl the most confusing part for me ......getting all the nodes on the same plain in the screen

    Suggestions PLEASE

    I am OPEN To Experiment


    You can View the MOM here http://forum.grasscity.com/showthread.php?s=&threadid=30683&perpage=15&pagenumber=2

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  2. Well

    I have posted in numerous places looking for guidance , but all I keep getting is ......"Try it man" and "Good luck"

    Who knew it would be so difficult to get some sound Advice, instruction, and/or personal attention

    Regardless, I am moving on ....Hope I don't mess it up

    Reading links and FAQs only help so much because you get TID BITS from someones grown that is never really like yours and you are left with MORE questions then you started with :rolleyes:

    Today I transplanted them into 1 gallon pots. They are in dimmed light now for a day and will then be stuck under the 400 HPS for 12/12

    Once they situate the pots will have the bottoms cut off and I will Drop all six plants into ONE large Tray of Soil for all the roots to dig in (bucket in a bucket type deal)

    This whole unit will be self contained and on Wheels for easy Training

    The Screen will be placed 12" above the soil and the main stalk will NOT be pinched/filmed , as I will just keep training and bending the main stalk

    I really wish someone would offer some advice ..... Otherwise I will have to learn all the BS as I go ......Alone with all the mistakes

  3. To scrog you put the screen above your plant, top your plant and bend it over a bit. Then when the lower growth come through the screen start moving the growth outwards or sideway using the screen to hold the tops in place. Keep doing this still the screen is full and you have a cola every 3-5" apart. Then stop the training and allow all the tops to come through the screen 1" and flower. Keep training the colas that are still growing faster then the rest so you get an even canopy, but once they get past 2" or so you should stop training unless if you have a loosely spaced screen (wich is good). Dont go with chicken wire fence, try ot get a thicker guage bigger holed screen if you can, it wil be easier to train because you can push bigger tops in and out of the screen so you can have more time between each training. After a few days onto flower stop all training. You will need to top your plant because the top cola will dominate, unless if you make it so the top colas are all around the outside of the box close to the wall. Post pics and i will help you train as you go until you get the hang of it.

    good luck
  4. hey man...good luck with the grow...and try it out
  5. sorry couldnt resist. :)

    sounds to me like u got more on the ball than 90% of the growers out there. and its hard to teach gardening because its so simple yet so complex. my guess is that u will do fine and that by the end of ur first cycle, u will be explaining to others how to do it.

    i dont do scrog because of a few things.

    i happen to like to move my plants around and turn them and inspect them every couple of days.

    i have diff strains on diff cycles and its hard to scrog sumthin like that. as the plant matures...it moves progressively to the left.

    find that its more work than what its worth. if u really wanna train a plant...just use twine and a good snippers.

    i grow from seed, so i dont know if its a mom or dad till later than ur clones. and from seed, one plant might be larger than others. clones much more uniform in that way.

    i not saying that scrog is bad...just saying that i dont find it necessary to my little garden but u may.

    as another comment. lets say u are growing sumthing like peppers outside. if u wrap them with chicken wire, and pull the trains out of the holes...its easier to collect the peppers.
    now with MJ, i have a couple friends that LOVE to come and snip the plant down to its stems, so i dont have that time/collection problem as i do with outside fruits like peppers and tomata's.

    gl man...and let us know what how u did it.

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