help me save these babys

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by donfish, Aug 17, 2007.

  1. are these dieing ? They are 3 weeks old and been in a room with none to little vent (air flow) and temps up to 84 .

    They in me bedroom now under a 12(five)wat (five botton is broke) blue light.temp is 76 and humtity 67.with lots of air flow.PLEASE HELP ME SAVE THEM>>>>>>>

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  2. You useing co-co?

    Have you ferted? 3weeks is beyond the limlt of seedlings own food.

    If that's coir block you must treat as hydro.

    What are your specifics of grow please, and I'll help all I can.

    GL. ,.alex
  3. i useing coco , and have been useing coco a & b nutes at 1ml per litre for a week now .watering every other day.
  4. they look uber small for 3 weeks also very tall maybe to hot in g/r causing streching? idk

    i tend to stay away from nutes this early on if at all (easy to mess up ph)

    also when mine were this size i would water alot cuz of the size of the pots the water wud evap quick from the soil

    when my plants look like this its cuz they need water (drooping leafs)

    try to get an airflow onto them to help build stems out abit

    hope this helps
  5. their in coco and coco has no nutes in it.Thats why i use little nutes.
  6. co-co can be watered up to 4-5 times a day. smaller the pot more waterings. I agree w/Deniro except on ferts. co-co and 3 weeks after popping? they need a lil food. the more you water the lighter your ferts. start light and jack it as they need it. I guess you know ph must stay 5.8 or a little lower.

    I know of 1 site w/a co-co grow forum that is well informed. it's at

    grow forum sub forum. you can read all you need. registes if you wish to do anything else.

    gl . ,alex
  7. thx alot man , very nice forum just what i needed.So i cant over water in coco if i water everyday ? Wetter the better ?

  8. You can over water, but it's rare. co-co is a beginners dream because of that fact. Only size pot i allowed to go every other day where in 5 gl buckets. I was sick of watering them all everyday.

    here's a tidbit. the more water and nutes you can get your ladies to accept w/o detrimental affects. The more pot you get. co-co is a great medium.
  9. Help the donfish!

    donfish, good luck!

    I just wanted to stop by and say I like your name!

  10. hey donfish! glad to see ya checked out icmag for their coco forum, it can be very helpful. if memory is servin me right their infermery sticky gives coco specific guidance.

    we(me & 420) watered our gals in coco daily. it was a bitch, or we woulda done it twice a day. every one finds a regimine that works for you & ya gals. ya never want coco to dry, moist is the aim.

    best of luck to ya!

    edit: also wanted to mention that since coco is a hydro, if it dries out so do the roots in that area.
  11. would it be safe to repot into smaller pots ? or you think i should leave them ?
  12. IMHO no. It would add more stress.

    Your set. Get your ph run offright and start watering more and incoperate nutes.

    You will find after you get your watering reg down they will take off.


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