Help me remember the name of this movie... it's some stoner comedy

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    This is a long shot but here I go. Anyway, there's two people, they're young, and they go to some arcade/go kart track. They buy tickets for the go karts and are in this small white briefing room with some other kids and an instructor with a TV (he might have been Indian, I can't remember.) So this instructor is going over safety and he has this "Nerdy/American/Pride in his job" kind of voice, and is talking about how they aren't supposed to dick around and if they did he was gonna blow his whistle and kick their ass or something. Also he shows a still on the TV, I forgot what it was though.

    I remember watching it a while ago and it was really funny, then I watched it again sober and it was a little disappointing.
    I really need to know this for personal reasons... Thanks

    Some titles that I've thought that the scene was in:
    Harold and Kumar (Guantanamo Bay and White Castle)

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