Help me pull yield for "first" medical grow

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  1. Hello got my card and around here we have a six plant limit. How would you capitalize on space with a closet 5'x2'4"x6' for the highest possible yield. Have a 600 watt hps with mh conversion bulb and a room to fit a mother plant with flourescents. will be growing organically in soil.
    I was thinking about a sea of green but I know I would suffer on yield.
  2. ok let me be a little more specific . Should i Sog this and hit the limit of six plants, or scrog this with the limit in space I have. Overall yield overtime is of the most importance to me.
  3. I think you should try a SCROG because it will allow you to maximize the amount of light the plants recieve. How are you going to go about getting the mother? From seed or clone? (if from seed, feminised or regular?)
  4. Well got a couple of different sources. I got DJ Short blueberry seeds. And I will be getting two indica dominant clones from a friend of unknown source. I was thinking I would take clones off all the blueberries I pop and making one of those clones a mother based off desired pheno and geno types. What do you think?
  5. Seeds are feminized.
  6. you could try super cropping i did 3 hollands hope that finished around 2 feet and got over a quarter lb
  7. I'm not really sure what super cropping is, even after watching some youtube videos, but your plan sounds pretty good, but I would Top your plants so you waste as little light as possible. It seems like you have done your research, unlike some people on this site.
  8. pinching the main stem stressing the plant and induces glucose production to repair the stem.
  9. in veg you want to pop the stem crushing it so it falls over with out breaking it off as it fixes it self the lower branhes catch up with the top then the top starts to grow then you do it to the lower branches as well basicly in a nut shell you'll end up with a short dense plant with about 30 branches wanting to be tops and this method promotes branching and gives strenght to the plant as well
  10. couldn't have said i better myself. On my "star" plant, I've been pinching for about 2 weeks and some places are so hard and rigid my fingers can't pinch them anymore, lol. The stem repairs in about 1-2 days but you gotta let it rest awhile, the insides are still soft.
  11. i love this method i think it compairs to scrog on the yeild seeing how many colas you end up with its insane
  12. I'll look up some stuff on super cropping. I have heard of it before, but did not attempt it. I have heard conflicting opinions on stressing plants a lot, a little, or not at all.
  13. heres a pic of mine before i picked does it look like the stress did anything
  14. super cropping should be done when the plant is vegetating and is especially uses to keep plants bushy and short. I pinch when a stem betweennodes get to a certain length. this stunts the growth and the plant goes into overtime to repair. Doing this makes the plant strong and the super cropped areas become like a resevoir to store the nutes. also, nice thick stems = feeds more and faster (think of it as a pipeline; series of tubes lol). My stem is breaking the half inch mark at a bit over 1 month old.
  15. I vote for using a screen :cool:


    That's only 5 plants, in an approx. 3x2 closet space. Actually should have used fewer plants, there's a TON of smaller buds that just couldn't get enough light because it's too crowded. Dunno how much I'll yield, I haven't even finished cutting it all down yet

  16. what light are you using?

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