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  1. Ok i am a new grower and i have 8 plants going now they are all about 6-8 inches tall but they havn't sprouted new stems or other new growth. Its only been two weeks but since i am new i dont know what to expect and when they will start to fill out i hope to start flowering in two weeks but it dont seem like the plants are filling out like i was hopping for. So if you could give me any advice that would really help thanks a bunch.
  2. I don't think you're gonna get flowering in 4 weeks.

    2 in grow and 2 in bloom

    More like 6 weeks (at least).

    2 in grow 4 in bloom.

    Even that is optimistic. IMO
  3. What i am asking is when do the plants typically start to sprout new stems and stuff. I prolly wont be flowering for a few more weeks at least, can someone give me advice as to when the plant will start to grow new shoots, if anyone has a link to show me the different stages of the plants growth that would really be helpful. This is my first Hydro growth and i am just excited that i have 8 healthy plants, Also if anyone can tell me the typical yield of bud per plant so i know how much to expect from each plant i just want some ball park figures thanks a ton :)

  4. By filling out, do you mean bushy? If that's the case, you need to 'top' the plant so it bushes out ;)

    Do a search and put "topping" in the search field and you'll find info on topping. :smoke:

    You might also want to read the stickies at the top of each of the grow forums, there's tons of info on growing.

    Check out grow journals as well - tons of valuable info! :)

    Grow Journals - Forums

    Absolute Beginners - Forums

    Indoor Marijuana Growing - Forums

    Yield depends on several factors, it's not a question that can be easily answered: strain/pheno, grow conditions, length of veg, grow experience, etc...

    Good luck! :smoke:

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