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Help me Please

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by psilocyborg6311, May 26, 2010.

  1. I accidentally got a long piece of paper towel stuck in my whip-tube to my vape. My high self thought it would be a good idea to clean it and the string that was pulling the paper towel snapped halfway through. Any ideas on getting it out?
  2. bend a wire coat hanger until its straight then try that, or maybe try running some water through the hose?
  3. It happened to me before. I took one of those really long wooden skewers for cabobs on the grill and pushed it through. I had to stack a couple by using one to push the other one thru
  4. ...Coat hanger as mentioned above
    ...Soak the tube in water for a while and the paper towel will fall apart
    ...Blow it through with your mouth
    ...Grab the whip by one end and swing your arm in a circle really fast (This may require the paper towel to be wet as it will have more mass)
    ...Roll up some printer paper, long-ways, really tight and use it to push it through
  5. the best way to scrape the resin out of your hose is to get some cotton, just enough to fit tighly into the hose.

    then, as mentioned above, get one of the large wooden skewers (these can be found at the grocery store in the baking aisle) and, after cutting off the sharp end, insert it into the hose. you really need this wooden skewer, bc if you were to try to push the cotton with just a coathanger that wouldnt work. you need a flat surface ie the end of the skewer.

    then insert a straightened wire hanger into the hose. its pretty easy to push the skewer with the hanger, and in turn push your cotton ball, which should be scraping the hose clean as you go...

    anyway if you dont have any of those skewers just get a coathanger to get the ahem, paper towel out.... what were you thinking anyway, that would never work...
  6. [​IMG]

    ok gang, Ill need a rubber band, two small pieces of string, and a pack of zig zags. GO GO GO

  7. Haha! Got it! Yay for combining ideas. I let the paper towel soak with water then put a hanger in, twisting it like a corkscrew so that the spiraled end encircled the paper towel (or cascaded down one side of it.) Then I pulled slow and even until it slid right out. Took a few tries but i got it.

  8. It did work thank you very much. My whip is very clean now. :D
    And as for what I was thinking... not too much really. I had just got done "smoking" out of my vape and it looked dirty. I rummaged through the house for some cotton balls with no luck. Paper towel seemed like the next best choice. Not having slept in 30 hours probably didn't help my decision-making all that much. Oops.

  9. Hahahahaha. NICE! :smoke:

  10. thank you for posting a follow-up!!!!!!!!!!

    I hate when people ask for advice and never ever return to the thread to let us know how it all went.....

    It's like they post a question then throw their computer out the window and run in the opposite direction for as long as they can.....

    +rep to you, OP for posting the results.
  11. good to hear, glad you got it out

  12. Thank you for taking note of that as manners in today's society are often overlooked. :smoke:

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