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  1. Hello dear forum users , this year i decidet to start growing my own ganja . My friend had around 5 year old seeds from when we used to pull them out of weed before we started rolling :p , So i took those seeds , place them on the wet napkin , and after few days 2 actualy showed root tips . I used 2 plastic cups , drill few holes in the bottoms , took few small rocks and put them in the bottom then used soil for flowers , then fill cups with h2o and then putted seeds in . I guess i made to deep hole for seeds cuz today i had to dig it out a bit because my plant was growing from up and then turned back down to the grownd .
    now it look something like this (sorry for my noob drawing ) .
    So now my question is what to do ? should i bend it up ? or leave it and plant itself will start growing up again or what should i do ?
  2. they all do that bro..let nature take it's course just give it good light and watch..she will be perky in two day's top's!
  3. aha ok cuz i wanted to use small stick and bend it up but now i wont . And about watering , i just do it when soil gets dry . or do i need to keep it moisted all the time ?
  4. with seeling's you wanna keep them a little moist then after they get there first few set's of leaves start letting it dry out then water as needed
  5. It/They should stand up straight. They had enough stored energy to crack and sprout, so with new energy coming in, they should do okay. Just raise the lights up a bit to take away some of the heat and allow them/it to stretch.
  6. im doing this project outside :) , ill keep updating my thread and include pics as well , ill have them\it in cups for 2 or 3 weeks and after that ill move them to my forest location .
    Thanks for infos guys
  7. OK update .
    My plant went up and its not bended down no more so wiii :) . Its around 1.5 centimeter big \ 0.6 inch .
    Amm when can i start using grown fertilizers ?
  8. i start 1/4 strength @ 2 wek's old
  9. Whats the best defence against bugs and those kind of things ? I know that my granny used to throw Beech wood ash around her beens , tomatos and on plants it selfs . is that kind of method allowed with weed ?
  10. :wave:a little wood ash is ok(not on plant ) too much will give p.h. problems. try neem oil(cold pressed)spray on,dont dip.
  11. actually most of the time your only going to run into gnat's and spidermites, as they are the most common...
    1/2" or thicker layer of perlite, vermiculite, or sand will keep gnat's at bay..
    if your growing indoor bomb your grow area with bengal roach of the very best pest control product's i've ever tried..
    it's a very dry spray, much like a bug bomb is but in a regular spray has no ill effect's on vegging or budding plant's and will wipe out spidermites in a matter of hour's...just hold up in the air and spray for a few min..just like a bomb(not spray directly on plant)
    i got a bad mite takeover a while back...gave them a bomb of bengal, never saw them again..even after 2 more grow's in the same room..

    for dust is the shit...dust your plant's and everything around them..
  12. amm what is seven dust ? i googled it but i found some random heavy metal band :p
  13. Hey guys , i have new priblem with my plant , both leaves were eaten by snail , i can see that new pair of leaves is growing up tho , but can this snail eating forst 2 leaves effect new ones ?
    ps . snail didnt make it thro this day :)

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