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Discussion in 'General' started by BudBuddy7, Oct 6, 2007.

  1. Okay so i feel like i have a problem but no one can help me decide what it is. i have went to a doctor and everything and no one can really help me. i always seem to have these very large mood swings. almost like being bi-polar but the doctors coundt diagnose me with it. i mean honestly i got from one mintue being happy as can be and then something little goes wrong and my life feels like it is crashing down on me. juts looking for any fellow blades that feel the same way and would like to talk.
  2. Bro, good news is, that's not bipolar disorder.
    Bad news is, the cause of this is the simple fact that "life can be a bitch."
    That is all the 2 cents I can offer. Hope it helped.
  3. yeah i knew it wasnt me being bi-polar but it feels like it when you change moods so fast and harsh for no real reasons....and i would have to agree with you red on sayin that its the fact that life is a bitch sometimes
  4. dude life is a BITCH .... i feel you...some much shit fucked im life... its hard to change shit for the better..thats why ima smoke a doob and drink some remy xo... i cant really offer n e advice other than jus pull thrugh n e challenges in ur life.

    Lifes a bitch and then you die..thats why we stay high..cause u never kno when u gonna go.
  5. that sounds pretty normal to me?

    something pisses you off and you get pissed off... i dont see the problem
  6. Thats why I try to meditate, stuff isn't good for you, too much stress, live life man.
  7. yes when something makes you mad you get mad i understand, but for me its the little things that you should just be able to shrug off and be like whatever that really piss me off
  8. just get to thinkin how life is a blessing itself, small shit may get you down, but think of how much shit other ppl are goin through compared to you. Just really think of how little of a situation it is , then just say out loud "who the fuck cares". You will then realize that you will have to go through shit in life, so just move on and deal with it. Until a couple days ago shit like that happened to me all the time then I just started to realize im gunna have to go through shit so I might as well not get upset over it. lifes to short mayng.
  9. Yeah i have been doing alot of thinking and i have come to realize it is more what i make of the situation that gets me upset, so now i am working on just brushing off the minor things in life that you shouldnt get upset about

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