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  1. I'm definatly a newb at this but I'm not totally ignorant. I thought it was just overwatered but it is impossible b/c it started 2 days after its last watering. I also added more water when it first started to droop but it didn't help. The plant has gone from straight and rigid to totally limp. There are also brown spots emerging from the stems on the base of the leaves.
    Please, help.

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  2. I'm not sure what the condition is, but it looks like it might be a male anyway. Are those balls I see under the top leaves? If so, just get rid of it unless you are trying for the pollen.
  3. HIGH All, yes it's a looks like lack of light and overwatered.
  4. A good idea would be to cut it about 2-3 inches above the soil, retain the pot and 2-3 inches of stalk, and start again. I don't know how it works but the piece of stalk will stop your next plants turning male as well, good luck
  5. Usual_suspect scratches head... confused
  6. Umm... Yea i concur. Chopping a male and trying to regrow from a 2 inch stalk... to prevent males ?

    Ignore that guy lol.
  7. I think you missed my point. I meant chop the the male, leave the pot with the stalk just sitting around and start again with another seed, as obviously the plant that turned male was germinated not cloned, and you won't have another one turn male on you. Supposedly if your (1st) germinated plant turns male then you aren't the only grower within your close proximity and sadly it is your plant that has said (in plant speak) "ok, I'll be the male". I never had another germination turn male after trying this tip, can't remember if I read it or was told about it from a friend but it worked for me...
  8. so this is a funny ass picture i just wanted to say rofl. but to answer whats goingn on, id say its about bad air circulation because it doesnt look like under water, may be over watering but i doubt u did that its pretty hard to do. either clip n clone or start over

  9. Why would he want to clone a male.....
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    lol thats the saddest looking thing ive ever seen.

    it really looks like over watering, made worse by a lack of light and air circulation. they plants grown lanky and spindly and the over watering has made it totally limp and heavy.
    next time, watch your plant closely.after youve watered it, leave it. its normal for the leaves to droop a little for half and hour after watering, but they should perk up. and then it should be a good few days/ a week, until the leaves look droopy again. then its time to water.

    and then the next time, do the watering a day before you think the leaves are gonna get droopy.

    what kind of soil are you using?
    can you take a photo of the soil and pot?

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