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  1. Anyone know whats wrong with her please help under 2 26 wat cfls and a 19 wat cfl only affecting lower leaves please help

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  2. My thinking is its craving Nitrogen... Can you post a better picture.. like the size of the plant. Check my Blog out. I think its the same thing. Yellowing leaves near bottom.. If your plant is older and flower or about to. It might just be a leave dieing off not needed anymore. You might just need to feed it Nitrogen to bring it back up to its normal position. The yellowing will stay and leave will die eventually but let it die on its own. Dont pull it off your self.
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    Ok give me a min uploading now + rep :)
  4. If its only 1 leaf I would personally leave it on and don't do anything...

    If its multiple leaves then you probably have a problem but if it's only 1, I doubt you do.

    (sometimes trying to fix a problem, causes a problem)
  5. Ok here she is the left side has a small almost rust colored spot too

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  6. I really don't think it's something wrong... The plant might not need these lower leaves anymore so they are starting to die off. Total normal. If the plant was craving more Nitrogen is would like some what similar to my plant in my blog. That plant was suppose to need anything for a month except water... When I picked it up, it had a weird look to it so I bought it, and now its issue is showing. Th yellowing leaves will turn some what brownish kinda how they look if they get to close to light then die off. Do not pull it off. Let it be natural. If the yellowing leaves are drupping downward. Its possible not happy and wants a little more Nutes. Careful not to over feed. If you do choose to feed it a little more make sure its the start of the day, don't want your plant to start producing mold.... :0/ Your plant should make it. Hoping mine just losses two lower leaves and rebounds into an amazing strain!
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    thanks for the fast responces, I sure hope so that shits scary I noticed it 3 days ago starting and I didnt think anything of it now that its spreadn across that leaf n turnin that yellow n grayish color I was starting to get worried
  8. If it makes a difference shes 28 days old lights on all the time

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