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help me please guys

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by a11111111111111, Aug 9, 2008.

  1. a tad bit long but please read and help a brother out.

    i have smoked 10+ times a day, everyday for 11 months. i am totally dependent on weed. now, its not really interfering with my life much (at least not to my knowledge) i work 50 hours a week, make a lot of money, and can afford to smoke sour d/white widow continually. well my highs dont last anymore. its a "buzz" not a "high". though i make bank, i could use that grand a month on some better shit. i feel i may be unaware of the weeds effect on me. so here is where i am standing...once i finish my current load (almost gone, will be gone for sure tomorrow) i want to take a break. or take an attempt at a break. i am thinking of trying 2 weeks. maybe 1. will this even be worth it? how much will my tolerance be effected? beyond tolerance, i also kinda want to take a break just to see how it makes me feel, and maybe it will bring some things to light, perhaps it IS affecting me and i just dont recognize it.

    i mean.. i wake up, i have blunts on my nightstand, smoke on my way to work, smoke at work (i have a senior position and am the only office on my level), smoke as soon as i leave work, smoke all night, etc. repeat every single day. funny thing is.. i am not the least bit tired of it. i truly truly enjoy it every single time. so what do you gentlemen think? since ill be out in a day, should i take this opportunity to try out pausing for a while? what do you think, in terms of length? any and all input is greatly appreciated.

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  2. lol at your username?!?

    but 2 weeks will get your tolerance back to good shit
  3. did not intend to add the photo. oh well, enjoy. i got it for 39 months.
  4. Take a month or so off. I got that way after a while, and nothing short of said time period helped lower my tolerance back to the point where I actually got high again.
  5. If it's effecting your day to day life, then you should quit altogether. Consult an MD. They can help you transition from habitual drug use, they can give you resources, provide you with contacts and organizations.

    Psychological addiction can be every bit as dangerous and detrimental to a healthy life as physiological addiction.
  6. I attempted about 10 others and it said they were all currently in use. i was beginning to suspect no matter what i put it would fail, became frustrated and picked something that could not possibly have a duplicate.
  7. if u can go cold turkey for a week or two you will definitely feel a difference. even if you just stopped smoking a little at a tiem (ie 9 times a day. then 8, etc.) you'd prob. start to feel a difference... whiwchever you choose tho, i wish you luck, and it will feel weird for the first few days, but you start to get used to being sober...and it'll be worth it when you feel the high at the end of it
  8. yeah dude saying no is so easy. i thought i was stuck on it like that until i took an entire month off like it was nothing. itll feel good to be completely sober man, i highly recommend a break. after the first time i passed up a nice session, it felt good so know that i could say no. and i know you can brother, god bless!
  9. Dude I want to know wtf you do for a living, seriously! To be able to spend a grand a month on weed and drive a Lambo, that's my dream right there haha.
  10. If your smoking that much, going cold turkey for 4 days will change everything.
  11. work for High Times magazine ^^

    thats why he smokes all day everyday1
  12. Does he seriously or was that a joke? Haha, cus if so I'm about to look for a job at high times.
  13. No I dont work at high times. I am a partner in a very large firm.

  14. If you want a Lambo, you can lease one for a relatively reasonable rate. you will need a down payment of at least 100k, then you can expect monthly payments of 2-4 grand, determined by credit.
  15. gorgeous and worth every penny.

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  16. damn, what model is that, a murcielago?

    And how does one become a partner in a large firm?
  17. going sober for a couple days from smoking every day isn't that bad, you notice new things about yourself :)
  18. lol, i like how "you didnt intend to put the photo in", but it all of a sudden turned into a thread bout your car..


    i didnt read your OP, but thats a sweet fuckin car, man..

    Maseratis are better, in my opinion, though..
  19. i dont mean to sound like an asshole here, but I smell troll??? :p

  20. yea maybe. but either way with what your doing i would just find a nice clean honey to take my mind off the herb and do something you can enjoy sober.

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