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  1. So I was gone for a couple days I watered my plants Wednesday and I was gone for a couple days I came home Sunday and my plants lower leaves have turned yellow with brown blotches on it I have replanted since and put in bigger pot. ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1441674740.058827.jpg ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1441674765.773433.jpg
  2. Was the soil wet or dry when you got home? To me it looks like over watering and possibly root did the roots look when you transplanted? And what soil are you using?
  3. When I got home it was bone dry and when I transplants the roots were perfect they help together the soil good and there was nothing wrong with them and I'm using pro-mix, also when I came home there was also a couple fungus gnats there could that be the problem?
    The roots looked really good there wasn't anything wrong with them
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    Good be a calcium deficiency
    But Yea it does look over water the leafs are swollen

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  5. The fungus gnats are certainly the culprit. If you see "a couple"...there's more. They certainly can cause wilting, yellowing, and splotching of the leaves. You need to get rid of them asap. First I would leave your soil dry as wet/damp soil is a breeding ground for fungus gnats..dryer soil slows them down. You can mix a low percentage hydrogen peroxide (maybe 3%) with water at a 1:3 or 1:4 ratio and spray the plant and make sure to get the soil good. You can also use diatomaceous earth which is organic and should work great. Also if you don't already have a fan i would get one to keep the air moving which will not only help the top layer of the soil dry out faster after waterings, it will deter fungus gnats, or any flying pest from flying properly around your plants. You should continue to give applications maybe bi-weekly even after you have gotten rid of them. Preventative action is far better than corrective action, especially with pests. Good luck!
  6. Okay thanks so much LazyBlazer, won't hydrogen peroxide destroy all the nutes in my soil?
  7. No it will break down into water and oxygen
  8. I read that it will kill beneficial microbes in my soil

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