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  1. I have got some bagseed and was thinking about doing an indoor micro grow. I'm not sure where to start exactly though. I was thinking that I could use a small cabinet built into my computer desk as my grow space. (First Attached image is a simple sketch.)

    The cabinet is not too big (hence being a micro grow) and has a shallow shelf on the inside as well that I hope I'll be able to remove to give added height. (Attachment II)

    I plan to only grow one plant for personal use. How much do you think I could yield from something like this? I have around $140 I'm willing to spend on the things needed. I can buy a half-o for around the same price, so ideally I'd want to get more than that.

    Also, this needs to be totally stealth. I have a cleaning lady and shit, she won't go through the drawers or anything but it can't be easily detected as well.

    Once I get some replies I'll ask some more questions because I have a lot...
    Thanks in advance!:cool:

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  2. If you only want one plant i would make it a good seed. What are the dimensions? You can get a strain that could probably fit in that space. If you plant a bag seed u have no idea how tall it will grow. Is this your first grow?
  3. This is my first grow, and I have no idea what strain it is or anything. I'm not sure on the exact dimensions because I'm not home and won't be for about another week.

    I measured a computer desk in the place that I'm staying right now so I have an idea until I can be home and it was 1 ft. 17 in. across, 1 ft. 17in deep, and 1ft. 18 in. tall. These are still not perfect measurements. I have a couple seeds so if one doesn't work and can try again.
  4. I guess if there is no rush. Might work for a veg. chamber but by the time they flower will probably be over two feet if you want to get a decent harvest. Look into LST and toping.

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