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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by carl89, May 12, 2006.

  1. So my next grow is going to be in a new location where i have three full sized walk in closets to work with. I was wondering the opinoin of you all of what i should do with them. My initial plan is to have one big veg closet where all plants are vegged until big enough for use. Also i have a couple thousand extra lowryder seeds from my last grow and figured i would grow them all out in the veg closet as well. Now for the other two closets in think i want them both to be flower closets running alternating 12/12. THen i can have different projects always going in a closet and seeing how plants are their biggest when flowering i would need both closets for this part. I want to tackle some hydro and a good scrog sometime this year along with some regular grows. Also taking suggestions on strains because im bored with my regulars. THanks again all, and good to join your community from OG!!
  2. Hi Carl,
    Welcome to GC. I agree that two closets is better. That way you can utilize the constant harvest strategy like you are saying. I like Chronic, Northern Lights, Trainwreck, Buddha, White Widow and others to name a few. Since this is not your first grow, all those should be great for you. What are the dimensions of your grow rooms and what lights you plan to use?
  3. Chronic is deffinately one on the list for this next grow. Its been something i wanted to scrog for a long time since i got some inspiration from a great grow log on OG. The measurements of the closets are not deffinate yet because we are moving in a month and i haven't been able to really get in there and measure it out. The lights i am using will be a collection of what i've used in the past. I have 1000W MH, 1000W HPS, 9 or 10 four foot shoplights and i plan on picking up some smaller security lights as well.
  4. Oh right on.
    So with those lights you can easily get 20-30 large plants going. That sounds like a kick ass grow. Keep us advised.

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