Help Me Plan My Grow Space?

Discussion in 'Grow Room Design/Setup' started by Shepherdx, Aug 10, 2011.

  1. I moved into a new apartment, and finally have space to grow my own personal stash now. I have done a ton of research on growing indoors, but I still feel like it would be a good idea to go out and consult the professionals before making any purchases. Anyway, my space is a closet, which is about 2.5 feet wide, 2 feet deep, and around 14 feet tall (its a huge guy). My plan was to put it 5-6 plants, and allow them to reach insane heights because of the available space. Is that possible? And if so, what kinds of lights and exhaust system should I be looking for?
  2. at 14 feet tall you'd need some powerful lights, thats for sure..
    Its only 2.5 x 2 so I wouldn't put more than 3 or 4 good sized plants. If you wish to do sea of green you can do one to four plants per square foot. (5 plants to 20) These SoG plants must be small and you should induce flowering from seed. I wouldn't do 5-6 plants unless they're small....14 feet is too much space.
  3. Build a shelf and separate the closet into two separate areas. One for mothers, clones, and veg and the other for flower.
  4. He can do that but he was talking about how many plants he could put in that space. Even if you put a veg chamber up top, he still has the same 5 sq feet to work with, except his flowering chamber would maybe be 10 ft tall, instead of 14.
  5. No all I want to do is put a few plants in there and let them grow huge. I'd hang lights down from the ceiling and adjust them with a chain, then probably add smaller lights along the sides/bottoms once the plants got huge. Would this idea work? Also, I'd be covering the walls in mylar to help with light distribution.
  6. Yeah you could do that. Try a 400w and T5's if you really want side/bottom lighting. I'd do maybe....3 plants in there. Scrog would help a lot too. :smoke:
  7. So one 400w light up top, plus eventually side/bottom lighting, would be enough to grow 3 large plants in there? What kind of 400w light? Also, what is Scrog?
  8. Scrog is when you place a screen above your plants to train the canopy to grow even heights, distributing the light evenly.
  9. Shepherd your going to want to make a shelf, 14 feet tall is simply to tall to grow pot man, the plant will get a canopy on top and the lower branches wont grow.

    This dosent mean you can't grow you just need to rethink how you do it.
  10. I is too tall in my opinion. He's better off making a ceiling at about 7 ft and using the top part for whatever he wants.
  11. What if I cut it in half and grew separately on both halves?
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    Now that sounds like a golden idea! You'd have to build a sturdy shelf for hanging the bottom half's lights/items and that would be the floor for your top plants.
  13. There already is a shelf about six feet up, I may just use that. What kind of lights should I be looking at now?
  14. I'd recommend growing a mother plant up top for you have infinite clones to clone down on the bottom.

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