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Help me pick which edible to make**Edible Experts**

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by nb8475, Mar 12, 2012.

  1. Hey, I'm interested in trying to make a new kind of edible, the only thing Ive made is firecrackers. Well my trouble is which kind to try So my question for all the edible conossiours is which edible would the best if I wanted an efficent and easiest to make. Should I try cannamilk? Cannaoil? Cannabutter? Idk. im open to any suggestions! I have an entire kitchen at my disposal.

    Thanks alot blades! :smoke:
  2. They are all fairly easy...Give em all a shot haha cant go wrong. I personally loved making the green dragon tincture (fast process). Just put one dropper in a snapple or drink of choice and you're bombed for legit 6 hours.

    With the tincture you can do legit anything too, drinks, gummy bears, ice cream (weird but good) etc. Your imagination is endless.

    Damn im high
  3. I'd go with cannabis peanut butter.

    You can make chocolate peanut butter milkshakes that get you high!

    I'd like to vouch for the main recipe on here. That shit got me fried like chicken :smoking:

  4. That sounds good man can you link dat beehhh? :smoke:

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