Help me pick wat hydro system to use?

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  1. Hey guys im just wondering what would be the cheapest way to diy a less maintenance hydro setup than my dwc (i like to camp and such so cant always be around) and i would also like to know wich would be cheapest/easier to convert to from a dwc setup.

    Any answers would be appreciated :)
  2. What DWC setup do you currently have? A single tupperbin (about 10 or so gallons) with netpots and airstones is about as simple as it gets.
  3. i am using 2x single res 15 litre buckets (unsure on gallon measurements) but my problam is im upgrading my entire setup a little into somewhere that i cannot access as often as needed to look after the dwc like with nute/ph testing/adjusting daily so my main question would be how to setup like a some kind of recurculating system that wont require to much change/money that dosnt require a air pump running 24/7.

    Edit: i also would like to go camping for 3 days to a weeks time thru the holidays and is another reason i am after a less maintenance setup its my understanding something like a flood and drain table i think they called? are an example of what im looking for but in some way it dosnt require lots of money/new parts to do
  4. I have a friend that has grown before that checks on mine. I'll repay when i harvest...
  5. Seems to me any system can go south after a few days, so leaving it for days or weeks can lead to problems. But, what are you going to do you have to live your life.

    Sounds like you need to use bigger buckets or use a central larger reservoir so the volume of water helps keep things stable and there's plenty of water for extended times where you can't tend to them.

    Whats wrong with running airpumps 24/7?
  6. the constant noise it makes (Might not be loud but can be noticed) and i do not in any way plan on going out for long periods of time but 3 days to a week from time to time may happen, and dwc requires more checking due to ppm/ph lvls in the nutes where as a different recurculating system wont have same problams quite as bad at least from wat i have seen.

    And to the last reply before you, i cannot get anyone to look after it for me so i either cant go out or go out leave it and hope for best or upgrade a little to something that may last a little longer unchecked.
  7. Hempy bucket
  8. Its a bit expensive but I have seen people make home made ebb n gro systems like CAP makes for around 200the dollars that Can hold up to 24 plants.... these systems can run for a week or longer as long as you set everything up right
  9. Word.
  10. [quote name='"bhp70"']


    Word up!

    Hempy buckets are the simplest, cheapest form of hydro, period. You can set up a very simply auto drip feeder, for $30, which will give you the freedom to go camping sometimes.

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