Help me pick out the right kind.

Discussion in 'General' started by Twiztid_55, Apr 15, 2006.

  1. Hey, I'm new to all this and was just wondering what would be the best kind to get that isn't too hard to find. I've only smoked Nug before and I was trippin balls lol so like what would be a good strain to have that wont make me trip for a long time and your body stoned? Just throw some ideas out there, Sativa vs. Indica - what's the differences in the highs? Thanks.
  2. indica is more of a couch-lock body STONE
    sativa is more of a nice energetic head high
  3. Okay Thanks, I think I'll go with the Sativa. What Strains of Sativa are prefered???*** Thanks.
  4. Purple Haze man, that'll get the job done.
  5. lol well I've only smoked once so that would probely be way too potent for now, what's some lower potency Sativas???*** Thanks.
  6. sounds like you dont smoke that often (no offence), so picking up basically any mids+ would get high nicely.
  7. You can't be picky with strains, you get what is availible. Unless you have a medical card. Any weed will get the Job down.
  8. I like the sativas. :)
  9. Okay Thanks, yeah I just started. And for medical cards what kinds of illnesses do you have to have to quilify for one, I have ocd would that count???***
  10. You people, my god its just haze thats purple not extremely potent its not anything amazing its just a phenotype with more bag appeal

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