Help me pick out a strain?

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    I'm looking for a strain that doesn't grow too high, somewhere within 3 feet, whether that's naturally or if I can make it fit into three feet by tying parts down.

    I'll have a (L x W x H) in inches: 20.0 x 37.0 x 37.0 enclosure to grow in and that's before I set up lights and all that fun stuff, what's a good strain that isn't too much of a lazy indica type high, hopefully a bit more on the sativa side that will yield well. I hope to try growing them hydroponically since I know it helps maximize space and I just think hydroponics are sweet, I love aquariums so hydroponics always have seemed too cool.

    But what are your suggestions? And do you think I can fit more than one plant in that enclosure? Thanks for any help :)
  2. 1 plant with that criteria you can basically pick anything you want. Obviously limit yourself to hybrids and don't get any stretchy sativas.

    In that area you can fit as many as you want, anywhere from 1-8 in that 5sq feet. The more you do, the less veg time is required

    Go for headband or jilly bean
  3. Hmm I didn't know that, I think a common misconception would be the less you grow the faster the veg time. Newbness(too growing) I guess lol

    But it seems like all the good stuff I hear about always is out of stock xD I must have bad timing
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    I would try topping if you havent thought about it yet too. That way you can max your space, But you got a nice floor area to work with.
    Im trying blue mystic because its a short plant, apparently some really nice smoke too.
    Leans more to the indica side but some people have got some more on the sativa side.

    Oh, and more veg = more yield
    So more plants would mean you would have to veg less for the same yield
  5. Yeah true I've heard plenty about topping but haven't looked into it too much, I figured I would get there when I actually have a plant going on lol I've never actually seen a full grown plant in person, just a few tiny ones my friends who have no idea about sciences behind things planted that failed terribly. So I'm anxious to see how beautiful they look and how great they smell (although definitely with some odor control so nobody else can enjoy the smell with me).

    That makes sense though, seems like a moderation in plants would be nice then especially being new to them.
  6. 3 plants vegged for 2 months
    6 plants vegged for 1 month

    That type of deal. Both scenerario's you'de probably get able the same ammount.

    Keeping a minimal height is obtainble with any strain. You should look into the SCROG method. It's done by placing a screen over your plant, and once they grow up throw it, you bend the brand over, and tuck it under a so instead of growing vertical, your forcing it to grow horizontal.

    This gives you even canopy lighting, which will greatly increase your yield.

    As for strains? Here's a few you wont be dissapointed it.

    G13 Haze
    Kali Mist
    Northern Lights Blue
  7. Clones also hardly stretch so you can go with sativa dom clones...fim/top and lst/scrog and they dont get too big..heres some i like

    blue cheese
    confidential cheese
    spicy white devil
  8. white rhino
    white widow
    both good yielders and will put you on your
  9. Blue mystic.

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