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Discussion in 'General' started by tobad4ya, May 5, 2006.

  1. Hey I Am going to be buying my first car soon. You see i had my bar mitzvah thing 5 years ago and 2 years ago i made some wise stock choices that wounded me up with 40k (lol)

    Now that i am going to college i plan on buying a car.

    I want to spend in the 20k range a little above is fine but obviously i would prefer a little lower.

    My choice now is a Saturn Ion 3 that i built on their websight thing, it has leather seating sunroof good audio and stuff.

    Please help a fellow stoner out who knows nothing about cars and just wants a nice car to bake in and that seats 5.

    I promise to hotbox it the first day i get it.
  2. If I had a 20k budget I would prolly get an Audi A4 if i were you. If you want a new car I dnot know what to tell you. You can get a used (2000 - 2002) for pretty cheap, but they are expensive to fix and love to break down. My friend has one and it breaks all the time.
  3. I don't know what kind of cars you like....domestic or import...but I definitely recommend you don't get a saturn. I'm one of the biggest GM fans you'll ever know and Saturn is one of GM's crappiest brands.
  4. theres a lot of cars in the 20,000 range

    cobalt ss supercharged is a nice peppy little car(around 18000 or less if you have a trade in or if you know how to talk to car dealers)
    i think the dodge neon srt4 is in that price area too

    those are of course the top models for those two cars so if you take a step down from those options the cars are cheaper
  5. ^^Cobalt's seem nice, they are cheap, get good gas milage and its a chevy :D

    You could get a Cobalt for 16-18k depending on what you want.
  6. Go to your nearest car max and look at the Jeeps, they r bullet proof bro easy to work on.. I have owned prolly about 15 Jeeps, and have only come accross 1 piece of shit. Get one with a six cylinder, and hard doors, tow package is nice too. Just think blazin a fatty and ridin w/ the top off. Plus bitches love them. Well good luck with whatever you get. JOE>
  7. Dodge Srt-4. simple as that. 21,000, upgrade the turbo on it. maybe stage 2 or 3 clutch, it IS a fast ass car that is goodlooking and that is reliable
  8. Whatever I got, I'd get last year's model that was slightly used and traded in. That way, someone else absorbs the instant loss of value, not you.

    edit--since youre 18, still somewhat new to driving, i'd especially suggest used. you could be the best in the world, but parking that shit at college and only driving it every once in a while, it's not worth it to buy anything real souped up. you're gonna want that $ much more when you graduate and want to start looking at houses.
  9. 20k? id go with some sort of Chevy truck....maybe a Nissan truck.

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