help me pick my new a/c

Discussion in 'Smoking Accessories Q&A' started by tHiz, May 17, 2010.

  1. I'm looking for a new ashcatcher, preferably one with a 90degree joint as i'll be using this with my fixed stem mostly.I was thinking of...

    hedman showerhead: 18mm Rock Solid Showerhead Ashcatcher with U- Joint [HH-AC3] - $139.95 : Shivadas Glass!, High quality glass pipes, waterpipes, and headies from top artists
    i really liked this one because of the extra splash chamber though i doubt its actually used since you don't need to put much water in circs anyhow

    or a vertigo circ: Vertigo Circulator 90 Degree Ashcatcher 18.8mm - Chico Kush

    orr a mgw 6 arm MGW 18.8mm Clear 6 Arm Ashcatcher - Chico Kush
  2. i had the same dilemma and went with the hedman's

  3. May I offer an option that you have not listed? I would say check out SSFG (Soul Shine Family Glass) on etsy (will PM you a link if you would like) and see if they can make you a 90 degree inline (or pill bottle shape if that's more your thing) since they make them when you order them. Very reputable for the quality of their glass and personally I LOVE the one my friend has. A clear inline by them is as low as $90 but the one my friend uses is an double diffused inline with a removable showerhead down stem which he got for $ smooth. For worked glass it'll run you up to like $250, but SO worth it if you can afford it.
    Sorry I may be trying to live vicariously through you because I wish I had the money for an SSFG inline right now :p

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