Help me pick my bong 100-175

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  1. First off, I don't care about brands as much as I do knowing that the bong won't break without being misused. (I understand the correlation)

    german schott glass,

    very similar but chinese most likely middlemanning
    (can't find chinese vendors with this product; I understand that this would likely break but if it lasts a year+ or until a dumb friend breaks it and reimburses me, no biggie. Real cheap)
    or I could get a similarly priced thick and tall basic tube that is likely to last and use a cheap ashcatcher for percolation, which I wouldn't be very upset about breaking as it could be easily replaced. this would also make for easier cleaning.
    I may be a bit too worried about what type of glass it is made by, who knows.
    *don't tell me to go to my local headshop. The type of stuff they sell and at the prices, jeeze. My friend picked up a 3mm 10" bong with a cheaply made inline (different sized slits) for $150 recently. Made my cringe a little

  2. First link is 404'ing
    But id go for the german made over chinese.
  3. whoops! It's basically the same thing but without the splash guard and with german glass. It's just a bit more than I was looking to pay.. Oddly that link works for me, hmm
  4. Go for a HVY tube man :)Irritated when I'm not sedated.
  5. That C'est la Vie one is nice I would prob go with that one. Hvy's are good too. Out of the two OP posted I would go with the first one. Its german made so chances are it will be nice. I would go with something american made. BUT keep n mind just bc a piece is made in usa or german doesn't mean they are created equal... the piece may be made here but the glass itself may be made somewhere else. Some companies buy their glass from india or china and then make the piece somewhere else. Just something to keep in mind. Good luck with your search!
    I'm wondering where everyone see's it says it's german made..... It says "German glass" Not even Schott's OP.... just "german glass"
    Lv glass is rebadged china junk.... ask me how i know? Lol
    I just read the description and the site only sales american glass it says.
    Tell me you know my friend. 
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    So because it says it in text it means it's true? news to me....

    I'm well aware of who they are..... I can refer you to a number of smoke shops i sell to who also sell "cLV glass" to who can verify it's china glass.... or just order a sidecar barrel to turbine off dhgate and be amazed when it's the exact same thing.
    there's a reason why it goes into the chinese cabinet at local shops.
    I can point out other junk on that site, Not just china glass but inferior american produced crap too...
    be aware that alot of these companies fly around in loopholes..... like claiming it's american made when all that was done here is the bake on label.
  9. ^ that looks kind of too good to be true, what do you know about the site?

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  10. Site is legit as hell, its also an authorized Roor dealer as well.
  11. That is hella dope. If it is a legitimate site, buy it.

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  12. damn...wish that place didnt require a minimum purchase of $150... they have 4 piece grinders for under $6 and glass water pipes for under $15..
  13. ya thats the bitch about wholesale, fact that they even let you buy up to 150 with just an SSN is pretty awesome.
  14. Go with HVY. I just got a 9mm thick straight tube for $160. Its a tank and it hits smooth.
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    Lol authorized roor dealer my ass. That site is nothing but imported Asian junk.

    Edit: I take that back, they have roor techs. But it looks like all those other tubes that say [us made] are imports.

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    Naw the ones that say US made look legit, they also list the weight of the pieces there, that tripple perc straight piece weighs over 1400 grams which seems right for legit american glass.
    Plus why would a website thats a legit RooR dealer risk their reputation ripping people off with fake pieces that arent even imitations?

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