Help me pick a strain :)

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  1. Hey guys

    I need a super cheap strain, I was thinking of this site:

    View all Marijuana (Cannabis) Seeds - : £10 - £20

    There are really many which sound good: Lemon Skunk, Durban Poison, NYC Diesel, Hindu Kush.
    My head hurts. So I need help :D
    Pick your best strain from those, if you have experience with any.
    Any other cheap reliable sites are also welcome.

  2. never liked nirvana seeds but I've had some killer aurora indica
  3. That Hindu would be nice:passtheshit:
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  4. I placed an order with Herbies last week and got my package yesterday, 5 days (3 business days) from UK to Canada, bought 10 auto seeds and got 8 free (5 reg 2 fem) for 66 pounds. I know some people tend to bitch on free seeds quality or whatever but as a new grower im just down to have cheap seeds to start out with. Your site seems to have good deals too and free shipping which is sweet. From the list of strains you provided i personally really enjoy hindu kush but have never tried growing it. Kinda also depends on your setup, plant height and effects desired so hard to give suggestions haha
  5. havent done any seni seeds so dont know but I'd pick them over nirvana..stick with a kush like afghan or that master
  6. Thanks guys for the quick responses, surprised to get so many

    I just checked Herbies, great prices man,
    ! Herbies Head Shop - Search for Regular, Under 20 Pounds

    Wow there's more choice than I thought.
    Also leaning towards Kush like you guys, I want a stable strain to reproduce my own seeds and smoke dank buds for a long time.

    P.S. I'm using 250 W HPS with a SCROG setup, 1-2 plants in 4sqft

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