help me pick a strain?

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  1. Hi guys, I'm planing on doing SOG with ebb and flow.. I'm wondering what plants is best to grow for big single cola. I'm going to be doing 100 to 200 clone in each tray with 4-600k watt. Here are the clone options ..

     Alien OG, Blue Dream, Boss OG,Chernobyl, Dream Queen, Chocolate Hashberry, Fire OG, Gorilla Glue #4, Headband, Jilly Bean, Ken's Granddaddy Purple, Purple Cadillac, Platinum OG,Sour Diesel..

    Super Kuts: B-4

    Super Kuts: King Louie

    Super Kuts: Blue Dream

    Super Kuts: Cannatsu

    Super Kuts: Green Ribbon

    Super Kuts: XJ-13

    Super Kuts: Bubba

    Super Kuts: ChemDawg

    Super Kuts: Kush Dreams

    Super Kuts: Strawberry Cough

    Blue Dream

    DJ Short's Blueberry X Super Silver Haze

    Chemdawg SR

    Original Sour Diesel

    Sour Diesel X Sour OG

    Big Bud

    Afghanica X Skunk

    Pineapple Express

    Trainwreck X Maui Wowie

    Kens GDP

    Agent Orange

    Orange Skunk X Space Queen X Jacks Cleaner


    Raskal OG

    Grape Ape

    Mendo Purps X Skunk X Afghani Landrace

    Sour Diesel

    Chem '91 X (Mass Super Skunk x Northern Lights)

    Dutch Treat

    Currently Unknown

    Green Ribbon

    Currently Unknown
  2. o_O seriously 100-200 plants?
  3. Right now, alien OG is selling fast. Not sure about the next 6 months, but it is guaranteed to go.

    My buddy timed it so we had it for April 20th. It was very good tasting and had lung expansion like crazy.
  4. yes. I'm doing a rotation, so I'm using 8 600 watt .
  5. how about platunim og? I did alien og last time. It was too hairy but the bud is good size. Just that it tends to get mold
  6. Hmmm, my buddies alien was dense..
  7. yeah I meant it came out dense, but too many pistols.
  8. okay thanks! I'm going with the alien og and atomic norther light for my grow..
  9. I'm not sure what causes too many pistils, his wasn't hairy, or at least too hairy.
  10. My homie got busted in cali for having 800 lol can you say balls to the wall lol

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