Help me pick a strain for my first indoor grow

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by dudewhodidstuff, Aug 18, 2007.

  1. I have no access to clones, so I would like to use feminised seeds.

    I need a strain that is:

    easy to grow
    seed to harvest in 12 weeks or less
    preferably bushy with big yield

    Any ideas? They must be feminised seeds and I need to be able to get them shipped to the us...

    What does everyone think of white berry? How about super girl?
  2. super silver haze... Love it.. love it love it.... just plain love it. .. :)
  3. it grows beautifully too.. beautifully huge.. :)
  4. Northern Lights. A Haze could be tough to tame for an indoor grow, depending on your space and experience.
  5. kush's are good beginner plants as well as Sour Diesel. Good lucK!
  6. I wanted to do feminised becuase I dont have a lot of time, and didnt want to mess around with males.

    Ive been looking into the lowryder strains a little bit, specifically masterlow and lowryder 2...

    From seed, they would start to flower in about 2-3 weeks right? So that is when I would be able to tell which are males so I could get rid of them, correct?

    I cant find any sites with masterlow seeds in stock so if somebody knows would they point me in that direction?

    For those of you growing lowryder 2, what do you think of it? Could I have 20-30 under a 600 watt hps?

    What is the average yield per plant? Would 10-14/g per plant be feasible having 20-30 under the 600?

  7. You can get femmed seeds in Northern Lights or NL crossbreeds. Check out the selection at, they are all feminized, very good prices, and I've grown them with no problems. You may be able to buy them direct or I know they are carried by seedbanks like Doc Chronic and Gypsy Nirvana.

    I always recommend NL for starter indoor grows because it is:
    - Potent
    - Hardy
    - Stays relatively short
    - Some phenos have very low odor
    - Typical 8 week flower period

    It's nothing exotic but it gives a powerful high and can give new growers the experience and confidence to tackle something more tempermental next round. You won't be disappointed.
  8. your right toasty.. a haze may offer challenges, I started with lavender and deisel, two pretty hardy strains.. blueberry would be a good one too...

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