help me pick a SOLID autoflower to order TONIGHT

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Eleven Blocked, May 28, 2009.

  1. i originally wanted a satvia like strawberry cough but i dont want to wait til august to harvest. I had been looking at low ryder 1's n 2's but have read that they have been having nothing but problems such as going hermie, too many males etc etc. all from the attitude. i really wanna get started and am excited as all hell to start it. but i want to make the right choice. i really thought lowryders looked good but after investigation it appears that there are problems.

    i dont want a strong indica i know that. the more satvia the better. please help.

    im ordering this light High Tech Garden Supply

    and am picking up wood and fans for a box tomorrow. i want to start in two weeks. going to use all ff products.
  2. and i forgot to add i emailed em on the issue of quality and plants going hermie and or being all males...or majorly males and was very vague did not say i wanted to buy or anything incriminating., just said i had done some homework and i didnt like what i found and asked if they had corrected the problem.
  3. I'm growing G13 Poison Dwarfs for my first grow...both of the two are females, I got them from Attitude. Thread's in my sig if you want to see.
  4. nice i looked at the miracle gro stuff at lowes tonight it was a good price but if im buying a damn hps/mh set up figured id roll with ff soil too. i was real tempted tho to buy some tonight vs having to drive outta town to get some.

    ive never looked into that strain did u research it? whats the consensus. i noticed its a claimed stabilized hybrid. how long has it been around?

    and ur set up is easy. mine is gonna be a lil bit more invasive, im ocd slightly tho so it hast to be justttttttttttt right. i wish i could order something already but i keep tossing ideas back and fourth in my head. ur pretty early into it too, so u dont know what sex it is or when its gonna flower thats what makes me nervous.

    btw how many of ur beans popped?

  5. i dont know if you have grown yet...but dont forget your ph tester, and nute tester... also i wouldnt recommend miracle grow over dirt from outside...this is actually my first time and i bought clones from the club and it worked out pretty well so far because i didnt have to worry about sex or germing them....good luck with the grow bro
  6. Yeah, when I first started collecting stuff I really knew nothing about any of it. So far, I have no clue why everyone hates on miracle grow so much, I'm having no problems at all. Both plants are deff. showing female pistols so not sure why I can't determine sex yet...we'll see though. I was reading how the lowryder strains show as a male around the second week and female around week three...not sure if the Poison is bread with Lowryders or not.

    I didn't do any research on this strain prior to ordering, pretty much just got it cause it was the cheapest, I've seen some other grow journals on here that looked pretty successful with it.

    I only germed these 2 so obviously they were both good.

    This is my first grow and I went into it knowing nothing at all, kinda why I only have 2 at the moment, I'de like to go to 6 if these two are successful.
  7. ive grown lr2 5-6 times,all fems,never had a morh starting a easyryder grow in about 2 weeks and im not a bit worried about morphs,seems to me the joint dr. stuff is pretty stable.I am interested in trying some Sagamartha seeds,has anyone tried them yet?

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