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  1. I need help in choosing a career. Not really a career but I need to have something as a backup when I do pursue my passion, which is music. All I have is a highschool degree and I didn't do the best in highschool. I'm pretty much open to do anything as long as there's some money in it. I was thinking maybe getting certified in something or going to a college. The only thing is that I want to be able to smoke whatever it is(not on the job of course). I really don't wanna risk getting a license in something only to get randomly drug tested to lose that license. Can you guys give me some suggestions? What do you guys do(if you don't mind me asking)?

  2. Hvacr degree takes nine months at tech school and if you are good at it pays well
  3. Do construction type work and handyman stuff, no taxes and no drug tests and you are your own boss and if you get a good rep you will do very well, just don't do shitty work. I have done this and do it on the side a lot but it's not my full time thing, but it could be, I work for my father though, me and my brothers, he's a landscape designer/architect and he gets jobs and designs them and we do it, but we've built a reputation with quality work

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  4. Get learned in a trade. There will always be a job for you somewhere. You clearly have little idea about what you want to do, and haven't told us anything about your interests, but the trades are a wide field in which you can pick and choose based upon what it is that interests you. Electrician, mason, heavy equipment operator, welder, mechanic, chef, hair stylist.... the list goes on.
    And most of those jobs aren't stringent drug testers.
    I'm a landscaper, certified in plumbing and horticulture with ten years experience in all manners of carpentry.
  5. Like I said my passion is music. I can rap and I can make beats but I'd really love to own a studio and have people pay me to use it. Really I'd like almost any job in audio engineering. I plan to go to an audio institute of some sort, I just need a steady source of money to get me by.
    That's a great idea. I'm all for it - if you're passionate enough, you'll succeed. There are plenty of things you can do with an audio engineering diploma.
    Make that your primary goal and start saving your pennies doing anything to put yourself through school. As long as you're dedicated, the money will come.
  7. What are you good at? If you are good with your hands start getting into musical instrument repair and tuning. Maybe give some lessons on the side. Personally I think Cannabis is a performance enhancing drug for artists.... So that makes you a
  8. Ha, I'm not really good at anything besides making beaded jewelry (I'm native american, stereotypical I know lol) smoking,playing call of duty, and rapping. That's why I need help choosing something. I'm all for learning new stuff, I really wanted to be an LPN cause they make bank with only a few years of schooling but I know people who have had their license taken away for failing a piss test. :(
  9. If you want a real career, it has to be something you love doing. Not something you ask people what to doSent from my H866C using Grasscity Forum mobile app
  10. well that shit aint gonna get you nowhere so you gon have to think harder. do you want us to help you or not? what are you good at/what are you interested in? science? history? social work? english? engineering? teaching? trades? come on man, help us help you
  11. Yeah but I can't pursue a music career while working at mcdonalds, I can but I be deep in the struggle. I meant career as in a decent paying job that requires some sort of schooling certification or degree.
  12. I know I want to rap and be famous and stuff, but that's just the dream. I really don't care what the job is, I just need a STEADY source of money that I can live on too actively pursue that dream.
  13. Become a fluffer
  14. ???? There's more to life than money mate. You need to take one of them spirit journeys and get back in touch with the earth. You'd have made a shit Brave if you had to make your own bow and arrows.... Seriously, I'm not making fun or being racist... You've lost your fucking way, and you know it. We can't help you.
    So I'll ask again.... What is your dream. What do you want to do more than sitting around smoking weed and playing Black Ops 2 all day with them lagging fucking campers? Yeah....I do it too, lol.
    yea exactly no one can tell you which job it is that you'll end up liking enough to keep and develop into a career.. or which job that you may hate so much that you just walk out on when you said you were going to the restroom and you'd be right back...
  16. You should be a cannabis farmer, when there is nothing to do practice your music.
  17. Well yes money isn't everything but my dad's dying and I'm about to be the man of the house, I have a mom a brother and a sister with kids to look after. I've never had to think about this until now. I'm really not good at much like a said, so I just want a job that's fairly easy to get into with a few years of college or schooling or whatever. Life hits you hard.
  18. No brother. Life is life... It's the reality that hits you hard. Sorry about your pops. You have to have a dream. What is it?..... Even if it is goofy as shit. You won't be worth a shit to your family if you choose a career that makes you miserable. I'm not messing with you man. I'm talking from experience.
    Your best bet would be to take an aptitude test to narrow down your choices. Take a free one online then hit us back and we'll take a vote. Don't let a bad situation shape your future and put you into a box you can't get out of.

    Men don't plan to fail. They fail to plan.
  19. [quote name="DJSandaS" post="19377980" timestamp="1390276312"]Yeah but I can't pursue a music career while working at mcdonalds, I can but I be deep in the struggle. I meant career as in a decent paying job that requires some sort of schooling certification or degree.[/quote] that's not true. It will be hard. But you can. And you shouldn't ask others to decide your future. Just my POSent from my H866C using Grasscity Forum mobile app
  20. If music is your passion start thinking about that as a career. Music teacher, instructor... Work in a music store..... Don't stop chasing your dream. EVER!

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