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Discussion in 'General' started by RaiderJohnny420, Oct 28, 2012.

  1. Idk witch one is better or more economical in gas . Should i get a honda civic 98 for 1000 or a cadilac deville for 2000
  2. Civic obviously gas-wise but, if the Deville is clean I'd say scoop that shit up.
  3. A deville will bring you some heat, go with the honda.
  4. dude the civic is gonna be a 4 cyl, while the caddy a v8... gas = honda.

    but i say fuck gas... burn that shit up.... get the caddy
  5. Give us more info guy. Mileage on the cars, accident history if any, overall condition of said vehicles, private sellers or dealer?
  6. hears.jpg

    put a couple 15's in it:cool:
  7. I would get that caddy if it has under 99,999 miles. Or if it truely was a grannys whip where it hasn't been abused. Cadillacs are notorious for having oil leaks and head gasket problems in the northstar v8. But if you keep up on the maintenance and drive it like a caddillac and not a sports car you should be able to get around in it for a good while, most likely not as long as a Honda but you will look a lot cooler and more comfortable in your rolling living room aka the lac!
  8. Caddy, put some 22's on it, candy paint it blue and you got urself a Gangsta whip.
  9. i'd pick a v4 anyday...
  10. [quote name='"tastytrichomes"']i'd pick a v4 anyday...[/quote]

    I would too. But that's because they don't make v4s just 4 cylinders

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