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Help me pass a home drug test?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by NikHaze, Oct 27, 2014.

  1. So I may be getting drug tested in a few hours, I've smoked probably about 5 g's of dank this week and I smoked last night. I've drank 8 16 oz bottles of water and took 4 aspirin and took a vyvanse (prescribed) to get my metabolism cranked up and hopefully the metabolizes out. My piss was clear after a few water bottles and im keeping it that way till I get tested by my mom. I'm 18 and 5,5 and 120 pounds. So will I be good? What else can I do? I also chugged a little vinegar. These are all things I found online. So fellow tokers please help me out! I would've just stopped smoking for a while if I knew I was getting tested today but my parents are suspicious cuz the back door was open all night.. I snuck out and smoked with some friends and didn't shut the door because my dogs would've flipped shit if they heard me. My mom asked about the door I told her I went out to smoke a cig last night and left it open accedently (yeah my parents let me smoke cigs but not pot) and she said if I was up to anything she'd find out. And she went to work I went to school. She's probably getting a drug test on the way back which will be 2 hours
  2. Drink vinegar, and just go ti the bathroom, piss a little, and mostly with warm sink water

    Bird + Weed + Papers = Good time
  3. say this "mother, I'm 18 now. You no longer have any say over what I do with my body".  then move out.
  4. If your not doing anything with your life and just living off your parents then fuck you and get your shit straight or move out. And in case your underage then you down own your body till your 18 so its your own fault for at one point in your life getting caught. Also do you really believe this forum is just for you to console your scared a** everytime mommy comes home with a drug test. 
    TLDR: If you wanna do big boy things put on your big boy pants and be a man.
  5. don't take it...? I mean, REALLY... is your own mother going to stand in the bathroom with you and watch you piss in a cup? 
    there are tons of ways around it, just look at the DT sticky...
  6. It's impossible to get it out of your pee in a day but I'm down to see what other nasty shit you'll drink.
  7. Try this: 1/4 cup mustard, 1 cup flour, 4 paperclips and top it off with some hot dog water. Combine and drink for clean piss


    Move the fuck out youre 18

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  8. I also have smoked weed with a friend about a week ago and soon I will be having a store drug test to get a job before that smoking session I hadn't smoked for close to a year I'm scared that I will fail I am 5'3 and 180 pounds plz help how long does it take to leave body how can I help it leave body? Something that will for sure work
  9. The water method works.

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  10. Go pick up Niacin from CVS or something. Take it the night before the test and you'll be up pissing and sweating all night but you'll pass in the end. At least, I did.
  11. what i did...i made my dog chew it up and said the dog must of got at it hahaha
  12. L

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  13. They are literally the easiest thing to pass, My friend once got drug tested every once in a while by his rents. He ended up putting ice tea in the cup one time and they totally bought it. So if you just get a liquid that looks like piss you should be good.

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